Tired of feeling like you’re surviving to only exist in the world? Ready to live beyond the consumer-driven, entitled world we live in? It’s time to thrive!

Thriving in the World
The moon with words written in different colors. Two silhouettes of a man and woman jumping in front of the moon. Words like significance, connection,  community, discovery interaction, purpose and security written on it.
Thriving in the World
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

In a world filled with empty must-haves, it’s time to thrive. Binge-watching Netflix and mindless Amazon ordering have created an empty existence. We try to fill empty moments with input, not substance. We complain more and appreciate less. Turning the focus inward can help us create a life we thrive in.

Thriving Through Connections and Community

A Silhouette of two girls in front of the sunset. Words written in the background. Words like joyful, passionate, lively, and energetic.
Connections Help Us Thrive.
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Human beings flourish from connections. Isolation is not in our design. This pandemic has taught us that. Connecting looks different to everyone, but it is still an essential part of thriving. The key to connection is finding what you enjoy and sharing that with other people.

Online connection is not the same as a personal connection. But It’s still better than isolation. There are countless online communities out there for every interest imaginable. All you need to do is search your interest and find a group for you to join. Facebook is full of different communities to join.

Need a more personal connection? The world is opening back up again. People are meeting in the physical world outside of lines at the grocery store. Take the time to do a little research and you will find people with your interests meeting together. Take the lead and see if other people with similar interests want to meet up. Creating your own group gives you connection and purpose.

Disconnect to Reconnect

A man standing next to a tree on top of a hill after hiking. Mountains in the distance with the sunset.
Beauty in the gratitude.
Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

We live in a new world where a lot of us work from home. Our jobs need us continuously connected. There’s a lot we can do from the comfort of our homes. The modern world is convenient, but it creates a perpetually plugged-in lifestyle. Disconnect and go outside.

The beautiful world of nature is waiting for us to embrace it. Unplugging creates a new perspective, getting us away from negative input. A simple walk in the park can enhance our motivation. Hiking in the woods can spark a spiritual connection to nature. Connecting with a higher power helps take the focus off ourselves.

Shaking up our routine and taking a vacation from self changes how we perceive the world. Taking our focus off what’s wrong improves our ability to see what is good. Nature puts us in an unfamiliar environment, allowing us to change focus. And seeing the beauty in the world increases feelings of gratitude.

Positively Learning to Thrive

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Learn Something You Love.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Not everyone is born with a natural optimistic attitude. Attitudes are changeable once recognized. Gratitude is the easiest way to change our attitudes. Even in the worst of times, there are things to be grateful for. A positive perspective leads to a thriving life.

Human beings can learn at any stage in their lives. It is never too late to learn something you love. Following through with your motivation to learn something new enhances your life. The modern age offers vast accessibility to learning new things. Thanks to YouTube, there are multiple free videos available for us to learn something we love.

Instead of passing our time with mindless entertainment, we can take that time to learn a new hobby. Sites are available to enhance our attitudes about the current status of our lives. Once we lift ourselves into a hopeful frame of mind, our desire to learn something new opens up. Start by making a list of the things you love and desire to learn. Then start your day off with a positive affirmation and start your learning journey.

The current state of things is creating a great deal of isolation. Despite current events, there are many opportunities to connect with people. Connection and disconnection are both important to a thriving life. No matter where we live, there is somewhere to unplug and recharge outside. Start your day with gratitude and watch your positivity change. Find your passion and learn something new you love.