Americans are hooked on caffeine. Some of us can’t tolerate the stuff. If you’re looking to quit caffeine, you need to be aware of these 3 surprising sources.

Are you a caffeine addict?
Are you a caffeine addict?
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I was 21 when I first started having heart palpitations. I was terrified! I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor, fearing the worst. Thankfully, my tests came back normal. It turns out that many people my age suffer from similar symptoms, due to excessive caffeine intake. After a few lifestyle changes, however, my heart is now beating just as it should. In the process, I discovered these 3 surprising sources of caffeine.

3 Surprising Sources of Caffeine


Why must so many good things be so bad for us? After soda, chocolate was the next item my doctor advised me to cut out of my diet. Apparently, cocoa contains caffeine, so just about anything chocolate-flavored is now a no-no for me. Fortunately, the caffeine level in cocoa powder is relatively low, so unless you’re extremely sensitive to it, it’s probably not necessary to eliminate all forms of chocolate! And here’s more good news: since white chocolate doesn’t contain any actual cocoa, it also doesn’t have caffeine.

Would you have guessed that this yummy treat contains caffeine?
Would you have guessed that this yummy treat contains caffeine?
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As a Southern gal, I wasn’t happy about giving up my sweet tea, which hits you with a double whammy of sugar and caffeine! As it turns out, though, even healthier, unsweetened forms of teas contain caffeine. This includes popular varieties such as green tea.

Most teas have around 27 mg of caffeine per cup!
Most teas have around 27 mg of caffeine per cup!
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Decaffeinated Coffee

This one really blew my mind. Despite the name, nearly all types of decaf coffee contain some amount of caffeine. So confusing!

Even 'decaf' coffee contains some caffeine
Even ‘decaf’ coffee contains some caffeine
Image by 旭刚 史 from Pixabay

It’s important to point out that caffeine isn’t harmful in moderation. But caffeine is the most widely consumed drug in the United States and many Americans acknowledge consuming too much of it.

If you’re looking to cut out caffeine, you’ll likely start by eliminating coffee and soda. From there, you might want to focus on these three additional sources. The lesson? When it comes to diet, make no assumptions. Do some research and find out what you’re really putting in your body.

Did you know these food items contained caffeine, or were you as shocked as I was? What are some other shocking food items with caffeine that you know of? Share them in the comments!