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Living With Type 2 Diabetes, My Personal Story

Patients with type 2 diabetes have to check their blood sugar levels frequently.
Patients with type 2 diabetes either do not produce enough insulin or are resistant to insulin.

We’re grateful to Monica Arbuckle for taking a break from the gaming world and offering to share her experience with one of the most common chronic health issues facing Americans today. It’s been estimated that a majority of adults in the U.S. are either prediabetic or diabetic, yet many are still unaware of its risk factors and the potential for some life-threatening complications.

Monica takes us through her journey with type 2 diabetes, from her early symptoms and diagnosis, to her daily treatment regimen. She also touches on her family history with the disease and the importance of diet and physical activity in managing the condition.

Monica has kindly agreed to write a follow-up piece in which she details what she’s learned about the role of proper nutrition in treating T2D. Our hope is that her story will inspire others to take certain symptoms more seriously, to get the right tests done at each doctor’s visit and for those living with diabetes, to understand that they are not alone.

5 Ways CBD Oil Can Help You Heal

CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant through a distillation process, has proven to be hugely beneficial to many.
CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant through a distillation process, has proven to be hugely beneficial to many.
Photo Credit: David Ragusa from unsplash.com

I’ve been dabbling in the world of CBD since it became mainstream a few years ago. I’ve had great results using various liquid extracts to manage anxiety and sleep issues, as well as a salve for treating post-workout muscle pain. I still consider myself a novice, though, and often find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of CBD information and product choices on the Web and in stores. That’s why I was thrilled when Gabi Lombard recently joined the Health Aroono team.

When Gabi and I discussed her background and interests, I immediately designated her our in-house CBD guru (though I’m not totally sure she’s aware of this!). As research continues to uncover additional health benefits of CBD use and as more manufacturers enter the market, this rapidly evolving landscape will surely mean more questions for our resident expert. Stay tuned as Gabi helps us cut through the noise surrounding CBD use and dispels and debunks the many myths surrounding cannabis products.

4 Best Foods for Six-Pack Abs

Best Foods for Six-Pack Abs
Best Foods for Six-Pack Abs
Photo Credit: unsplash.com

I realize that six-pack abs are not a priority for all of us. But nearly everyone I’ve ever met is interested in looking and feeling their best. Nearly everyone I’ve ever met is interested in having more energy and vitality. And nearly everyone I’ve ever met is interested in longevity and the prevention of chronic illness.

As it turns out, the foods that Sarah Sabourin discusses in this article can help with each of those goals. That’s right, the very same foods that give you visible abdominal definition also happen to lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Pretty cool, huh?

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