‘1917’ is a war movie full of heart. It delivers all the desired aspects of a war movie with an extra layer of human spirit.

This is the movie poster for 1917.
George MacKay stars as Lance Corporal William Schofield in 2019 movie – 1917.
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What every good war movie needs

The stories in war movies are fairly typical. There are a list of things that just about every movie of this genre makes a point to display. Sad demises of likable characters; battle scenes between good and so-called evil; moments of inspiration that may cause tears; extraordinary moments of heroism.

With this particular list, it is more about the execution of the aforementioned things that determine if the movie is worthy of watching. 1917 strikes a chord in the audience’s heart and moves the spirit with its superb editing. It belongs in the list with other great works about war, such as Saving Private Ryan and The Hurt Locker.

What happens in 1917?

George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, who play Lance Corporal William Schofield and Lance Corporal Thomas Blake, give moving performances as soldiers who are given what feels like an impossible task. Ironically, Blake admits in one scene, he was eager to have both of them commit to the task, as he initially thought it would be a simple one.

Neither character could have imagined they would be going on the mission of lifetime. They are ordered to take an assignment that would save many lives, including Blake’s own brother.

1917 movie trailer

What makes 1917 stand out?

As many movie fans may know, historical accuracy can be a plus, but it is not a must. It is practically common knowledge that some movies (maybe most of them) have a bit of historical revision in them. 1917 is no different. But as testimonials given by those who have seen battle shows, you run the gamut of emotions in war. 1917 depicts this very well.

As both men would experience on their trek, war really is hell. Ultimately, what was hell for them provides audiences with a view into what soldiers faced in World War I. Even for the movie-fan that is not much of a history-buff, 1917 displays a delightful expression of what the human spirit can do when one desires to accomplish something bigger than oneself.

1917 does everything a war adventure film is supposed to do, and it does it well. Director Sam Mendes created a work that keeps your attention with the admirable qualities of its two major characters. With the film being shot to appear as continuous shots, it brings the audience along for the ride with the characters. The audience is there for the feelings of hopelessness, fear, anguish and relief throughout 1917.