The Joker is one of the most famous villains and an icon in the 2000s culture. But in the 2019 movie, we got a more realistic version of The Joker.

Joker 2019 a movie with an authentic version of the villain.
Joker 2019 is a movie with an authentic version of the comic book villain.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Who hasn’t ever heard of The Joker? Mr. J has many versions from TV, comics, movies, and cartoons. But the newest version of the Batman villain seems to be something else in Joker (2019).

Joker is a psychological thriller film, directed and written by Todd Phillips. The movie centers on the story of Arthur, who is portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. In this version, The Joker is a man that aspires to be a comedian. But Arthur is also a man that struggles with mental disorders and cruelty.

Joker 2019 movie an authentic villain.
Joker 2019 movie offered a more authentic villain.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

This version of The Joker’s story shows how society can make villains with cruelty and apathy. But mostly, Arthur’s biggest nudge into villainy is his mental health situation.

In the movie, Arthur goes from being someone that wants to be understood to someone that only wants revenge. He will bring chaos to Gotham city. Also, it is not a superhero or supervillain movie. It takes place in Gotham City, and some characters’ names are based on comics. But there are no fantastical or elements.

This version of the movie has an explanation for The Joker’s iconic laugh. Arthur has Pseudo-bulbar affect. That is the reason for his bursts of uncontrollable laughing. Also, it is one of the many reasons this Joker is misunderstood and rejected.

Joker the villain that became an icon on his Movie.
Joker is a villain that became an icon in this movie.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

After losing the state’s help with medication and therapy, and dealing with his mom’s sickness, Arthur is at his end. The Joker performs his first murder in self-defense after being attacked for his condition on a subway.

That is how, in his own mad way, this Joker stands up as the voice of minorities and an avenger for the injustices the rest of the population lives with. By the end, The Joker is idolized by those living in squalor. The villain brings anger, violence and madness to Gotham City.