As a huge fan of movies, and as a woman, I love to watch movies with strong female leads. The female lead does not have to be a badass fighter. I just need a female lead who knows what she wants and strives to get it.

Strong Female Lead Movie.
Strong Female Lead Movie.

Yes, we enjoy the entertainment but we also want to learn from it. I want to feel represented on the big screen. With the gender equality movement, more movies with strong female leads are being released. I can only hope this continues.

It is not perfect yet, but I like to celebrate the small wins. Therefore, I went on a hunt for movies featuring strong female leads that will be released in July.

Strong Female Lead Movie #1: The Old Guard, July 10.

The Old Guard is a female lead movie set to be released on Netflix. This movie is based on a comic book of the same name. It is about four immortal protectors of humanity that became targets of a black ops organization because of their mysterious powers.

The movie stars Charlize Theron as the leader of the group. It also stars American actress, Kiki Layne, as their new recruit who just recently discovered her immortality. The Old Guard has a female lead actress, and a female director, Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Strong Female Lead Movie.
Strong Female Lead Movie, The Old Guard.

Strong Female Lead Movie #2: Desperados, July 3

Desperados is a comedy female lead movie, also set to be released on Netflix. It is about a lady who goes on a mission with her friends to Mexico. The mission is to erase a cringeworthy email she drunkenly sent to a man she just started dating.

This female lead movie has nothing to do with women breaking down doors and being badasses. I just love the idea of the lead character trying her best not to screw up a new relationship. Although from watching the trailer she may make enough poor decisions along the way to tank her relationship.

It is a feel-good comedy female lead movie. It stars Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp, Sarah Burns, Robbie Amell and Lamorne Morris.

Strong Female Lead Movie.
Strong Female Lead Movie: Desperados.
Credit: Netflix

Strong Female Lead Movie #3: Mulan, July 24

Despite the controversies that have followed Mulan since the beginning of the year, I still want to watch it. This female lead movie was originally set to release on March 27. But due to the pandemic, live-action reboot will be released on July 24.

Just like the animation, Mulan disguises herself as a man to save her sick father, who was set to serve in the Imperial Army and protect China from the Hun invaders. I’m anticipating how the battle scenes in this female lead movie will play out.

Strong Female Lead Movie.
Strong Female Lead Movie: Mulan.
Credit: Disney

With these amazing female lead movies on my watch list for July, it feels like July will be a pleasant month for me. Which of these movies are you excited to watch?