People know Cameron Boyce for his roles in various Disney Channel productions. But he was also a singer, dancer and humanitarian. In honor of his birthday on May 28, here is a look at his most notable accomplishments on and off screen.

Cameron Boyce in an interview for 'Descendants 2'
Cameron Boyce in an interview for ‘Descendants 2’
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He was an incredible actor

Cameron Boyce was just a kid when he landed his first big role on television. Boyce got the role of Luke Ross on Disney’s comedy ‘Jessie.’ He was on there for four years and was then cast in Disney’s Descendants. The movie series focuses on the children of four popular Disney villains. Boyce was Carlos, the son of Cruella de Vil.

He also had some minor roles in major motion pictures. Boyce was Keith, Adam Sandler’s son, in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2. He also had a minor role in Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

He was a wonderful singer/dancer

Besides being an actor, Boyce was a talented singer and dancer. Disney’s Descendants movies showcased both his vocal and dancing abilities. Boyce had many dance solos during the trilogy.

Boyce danced in some music videos too, not just movies. As a child, Panic! At The Disco featured him in their music video for “That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed.)” And months before his passing, Hozier featured Boyce in his video for the song “Almost (Sweet Music.)”

Cameron Boyce dances in Hozier’s video, ‘Almost (Sweet Music)’

He was an activist

Boyce worked with The Thirst Project in 2017 to bring clean water to developing countries. In September 2019, The Thirst Project renamed their Pioneering Spirit Award after Cameron Boyce in memory of his legacy.

Boyce’s family created The Cameron Boyce Foundation in his memory. This non-profit aims to reduce gun violence and give kids non-violent means of expression. Wielding Peace is the first campaign launched by The Cameron Boyce Foundation.

Cameron Boyce was a talented light in a grim world. On July 6, 2019, he sadly passed away at age 20 from complications with epilepsy. Although he is gone too soon, his memory lives on through his previous work and activism.