365 Days is dominating Netflix, TikTok, and Twitter – all to critics’ dismay. The surge-to-fame of the scandalous erotic drama has worried film reviewers.

365 Days on Netflix has flared up a controversy. Critics are concerned about content policing, and viewer preferences. Source: Flickr
365 Days on Netflix has flared up a controversy. Critics are concerned about content policing, and viewer preferences. Source: Flickr

Obscene, salacious and downright tasteless, Netflix’s erotic overdrive, 365 Days (Polish: 365 Dni) is raising critics’ eyebrows. Critics who are growing increasingly concerned about viewers’ entertainment preferences on video-on-demand services.

365 Days debuted on Netflix June 7, and somehow it has managed to perch atop of Netflix’s most-watched list. To say that the Polish erotic, romantic drama premiered to awful reviews would be a divine understatement. Because Decider calling a movie ‘screamingly bad’ and Digital Spy shouting ‘creepy,’ makes the Netflix movie far worse than just awful. 365 Days has a mere 42% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while IMBD tallies the film at a 3.8/10.

What Is Netflix’s 365 Days Even About?

Netflix’s 365 Days adapts a Blanka Lipińska novel to depict the story of ruthless Mafia boss Massimo (Michele Morrone), who falls in love with and subsequently kidnaps a fiesty hotel-marketing personnel Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka). Everything that then ensues – kidnapping, sexual assault and Stockholm Syndrome – is questionable, and straight-up inappropriate. As Massimo kidnaps Laura, he closes a deal with her: She must stay captive for 365 Days. If she doesn’t fall in love with her malefactor during that time, she can go home.

The Popularity Of 365 Days Is Concerning

Despite its contentious storyline and bland performances, 365 Days continues to alarmingly entice an influx of audiences on Netflix. Perhaps, one can attribute the Netflix original’s popularity to its bold display of sex. But the absence of a compelling plotline to prop up the lovemaking makes 365 Days a gratuitous display.

365 Days has taken Twitter and TikTok by storm. TikTok is unconsciously championing the Netflix offering with its latest trend. Users on TikTok are posting videos of themselves watching graphic scenes from 365 Days. There are more than 190 million 365 Days hashtags floating on the platform, indicating the film’s widespread vogue.

Twitter, on the other hand, is teeming with gushing praises of 365 Days. Twitteratti has dedicated several tweets and hashtags to the more lustful 50 Shades of Grey iteration. And to make matters worse, the appreciative tweets do not signpost to 365 Days‘ grey and black areas, nor do they discuss the Netflix film’s scandalous context. Take a look.

Reactions to 365 Days on Netflix often gratify its lead.
Critics are wary of viewers romanticizing the leads of 365 Days, they are blaming Netflix for its irresponsible behavior
Netflix has put up inviting posters to get viewers to tune into 365 Days.
Despite severely bad ratings, people are hooked to 365 Days on Netflix
There are rumors that Netflix is planning a sequel for 365 Days
365 Days’ Michele Morrone has become an overnight sensation
A lack of discussion about 365 Days’ non-consensual sex has left critics furious at Netflix
Reviewers are scared than a general acceptance of 365 Days may prompt Netflix to come up with more disturbing content.
Massimo’s star power is a chief selling point for Netflix and 365 Days
As per evaluators, the popularity of 365 Days and Netflix is downplaying the efforts of #MeToo movement.
Besides the popularity of 365 Days, Netflix has also enabled consent jokes as per some critics.
365 Days on Netflix has viewers glorifying non-consensual sex.

Bottom Line: What Does 365 Days’s Fame Mean For Netflix And Its Subscribers.

Critics have stormed entertainment portals denouncing 365 Days, meanwhile condemning Netflix for sponsoring the picture despite all its misgivings. Critics are appalled at Netflix for cashing on 365 Days‘ whopping profits, especially in an era where even classics like Gone with the Wind are being affected by content policing.

Despite all the criticism, 365 Days is running viral. In fact, there are already talks of a sequel. Netflix is planning to adapt the second novel in Lipińska’s 365 Days trilogy to follow its hit erotic drama.

The poster of 365 Days on Netflix. Source: Wikipedia
The poster of 365 Days on Netflix. Source: Wikipedia

To paraphrase, 365 Days has evinced a paradox for Netflix. The movie has appealed to the streamer’s target audience but failed the passionate film pundits. For some, the impassive drama was a nail in the coffin, a final call to make them cancel their Netflix subscription. For others, who were awaiting bolder content, 365 Days has given them a reason to stay at Netflix. But in an overall evaluation, 365 Days has colossally abated Netflix as a quality streamer.