‘Bad Boys,’ the iconic cop bromance movie that brought Will Smith and Martin Lawrence together, had another go seventeen years after the second movie and it was amazing.

Bad Boys movie.
Bad Boys movie.
Credit: IMDb.com

The Bad Boys movies are about Miami detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett, bringing down criminals in Miami. The movies are action-packed with comedy and a sprinkle of bromance.

17 years after the second movie was released, the third Bad Boys hit cinemas in January. This Bad Boys movie catches up with the Miami heroes. Burnett (Martin Lawrence) is now a grandpa, and he is ready to retire. His partner Lowrey (Will Smith) is the same as always. He wants to be a Bad Boy for life, chasing down criminals and never settling down. However, things change after an assassination attempt on Lowery.

This third Bad Boys was not directed by Michael Bay, who directed the first two movies. It was directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. New faces were brought in to join the cast of this phenomenal movie. Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton, and Paola Nunez.

If this fantastic cast and plot is not enough to convince you to watch Bad Boys For Life. I have five more reasons why you should.

1) Bad Boys is Action-Packed.

If you don’t already know, the previous Bad Boys movies were action-packed. This new one, however, had more choreographed action scenes. It was not just action for the sake of action. The action scenes in Bad Boys For Life can be tracked by viewers easily.

Action scenes are fast and it is not easy to follow every detail. But because the scenes were well choreographed, the camera doesn’t jump around. Viewers can easily follow almost every detail of the action in Bad Boys For Life.

2) Bad Boys For Life Had A Bit Of Family Drama.

The other Bad Boys movies were all about action and the relationship between Mike and Marcus. This third movie had a bit of family drama. Viewers are used to seeing Marcus Burnett’s family and his life. This time you get a glimpse into Mike Lowrey’s past and his family. The drama was not the focus of the story, but it was important to the plot.

3) Bad Boys Bromance.

You cannot talk about Bad Boys movies without mentioning the bromance between Mike and Marcus. Their relationship as partners and best friends is what makes the movies great. This movie had the snappy banter between the two detectives that fans of Bad Boys love. But it also dove deep to the depth of their friendship. Mike and Marcus are on different paths. Marcus yearns for retirement while Mike wants to continue his legacy. Their friendship is tested, but in the end they are family and they come through for each other.

4) Amazing Comedy in Bad Boys For Life.

If you want something that would make you laugh out loud while also enjoying good action. Bad Boys For Life would give you all that and more. It provides almost dying laughter at times. The characters are in a bad position or in the middle of a fight, yet someone still cracks wise (mostly Martin Lawrence in this case), providing banter that makes you laugh in the face of danger.

5) Bad Boys For Life: Detective Mike Lowrey is Not Invincible.

Yay! He is human after all. I don’t know about you, but I like when the badass turns out to be like everyone else. In the previous movies, Lowrey is this badass that seems indestructible emotionally and sometimes physically. But this movie rips all that away and gives him a human persona, one struggling with the reality of becoming old.

Bad Boys For Life was amazing to watch. I enjoyed the bromance, the comedy, and the action.