A Fantastic Woman is a Chilean movie that broke barriers and stereotypes. This is a pride movie with an overwhelming story. It is a movie that shares the reality of transgender women in Latin America.

A Fantastic Woman: A Chilean Pride Movie to watch.
A Fantastic Woman: A Chilean Pride Movie to watch.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

A Fantastic Woman shares the story of Marina, a transgender Chilean woman who lives in Santiago, Chile. This young woman works as a waitress and nightclub singer and is in a relationship with an older man. Marina’s boyfriend is Orlando, whom she has moved in with. In this pride movie, one night, Orlando wakes up in a daze and claims he is not feeling well. For that reason, Marina takes him to the hospital after he stumbles down and falls off the stairs.

By the time they arrive at the hospital, Orlando is already dead. The doctor tells the woman he has died of a brain aneurysm. Into her pain, Marina leaves the hospital in despair and the police based on prejudices take the woman as a suspect of her boyfriend’s death.

Marina starts struggling with the pain of losing her lover, while dealing with transphobic prejudices. She deals with it not only from the police but also from her late boyfriend’s family.

A Fantastic Woman is a really overwhelming movie. After losing her lover, Marina starts losing many other things. This woman not only loses support and love, but she also loses safety, her home, and everything else Orlando gave her. The woman crashes into an unfair reality where she has to prove she didn’t kill her lover. A reality where she is humiliated and persecuted for being herself.

A Fantastic Woman, a drama pride Chilean Movie to watch.
A Fantastic Woman, a drama pride Chilean Movie to watch.
Original photo from imdb.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

The movie’s original language is Spanish, and it was recorded in Chile. In the US, this pride movie was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, but produced by Komplizen Film. A Fantastic Woman won over 18 awards, including an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, becoming the second Chilean movie to win an Academy Award.

A Fantastic Woman is a 2017 drama directed by Sebastian Lelio. Sebastian Lelio and Gonzalo Maza wrote the Chilean pride movie, with the amazing Chilean woman Daniela Vega starring. This is a pride movie that shared an overwhelming story and that broke barriers in 2017.

This is a movie that shares the story of a woman that struggles with a cruel reality. A woman that is fantastic for being who she is, a woman. A Fantastic Woman is available on Prime Video and Apple Tv.