This Oscar-nominated murder mystery film has skyrocketed into fame. With plot twist after plot twist, and an all-star cast, ‘Knives Out’ was destined for greatness.

'Knives Out' is a murder mystery film that brings you into a real-life game of Clue.
Knives Out is a murder mystery film that brings you into a real-life game of Clue.
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Knives Out is a Detailed Rollercoaster Ride

This isn’t a film to fall asleep during. Knives Out is a fast-moving film. Missing even 5 minutes of this murder mystery could throw you off the entire plot.

The story is so intricate that every second and every detail counts. Rian Johnson deserves an Oscar just for navigating his way through the script. I don’t know how he did it. It’s confusing and tiring.

The gorgeous estate and wonderful camera work make up for it though. Little details like props and lighting add to the realistic nature that pull you into the film. Every shot and camera movement was planned, and it shows. The cinematography in Knives Out is wonderful!

The Cast brought Knives Out to the Next Level

The Thrombey’s are an everyday family dealing with unusual circumstances. Perfect circumstances for a murder mystery. With the head of the household found dead, everyone’s a suspect. Trust me, they have no problem pointing fingers.

This all-star cast can do no wrong. Chris Evans and Daniel Craig played characters so different from their usual roles, I couldn’t believe it was them. Each character stood out in this film, which is hard to do with large casts like this. It’s a testament to the wonderful acting in Knives Out.

The weaving storylines in the murder mystery film 'Knives Out' becomes confusing fast.
The weaving storylines in the murder mystery film Knives Out becomes confusing fast.
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This Murder Mystery should include a Map

I had a few issues with this murder mystery film. The first being how confusing the mystery becomes. The non-stop plot twists and weaving storylines in Knives Out is enough to give you a headache.

The characters are unreadable, and their stories change every minute. You need a notepad to keep track of it all. In fact, I brought a notebook to watch Knives Out, and I’m glad I did.

Films need to be Cohesive and Natural

Rian Johnson breaks the film up into distinct sections to make it easier to follow. The problem is, the different sections each feel like a new film, as if they’ve shoved multiple films into one. We’ve got comedy, mystery and action all rolled together. I wish this film stayed more consistent.

I also noticed a lot of unnatural dialogue. One of the police officers continually says “weak sauce,” which felt out-of-place with the rest of his lines. There was also a lot of verbal product placement. The maid, Marta, says “I need to get some Scope” instead of saying “I need some mouthwash.” It sounded unnatural, and it happened a lot.

'Knives Out' is a murder mystery film that will captivate your family.
Knives Out is a murder mystery film that will captivate your family.
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I give this film a 3.5/5 for the confusion and unnatural dialogue

Even though this successful murder mystery has an impressive story with an amazing cast, I felt it needed some work. There were pieces of the film that just felt out of place. It wasn’t cohesive.

That being said, I give credit to Rian Johnson for writing such an intricate story that will surprise audiences everywhere. If you’re looking for a film to captivate your family, Knives Out is it. I’m warning you though, don’t take bathroom breaks. You won’t know what’s going on by the time you come back.