Netflix has been cranking out docuseries after docuseries during the pandemic, and I’ve definitely taken advantage of it. If you’re trying to beat the heat this weekend, settle into these two unsettling true crime docuseries that are all too relevant.

Full transparency, these docuseries won't make you smile like this guy, but they make for an informative weekend.
Full transparency, these docuseries won’t make you smile like this guy, but they make for an informative weekend.
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The ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ Docuseries

Last weekend I was on a docuseries kick that started with, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. It’s hard to believe that Netflix condensed all of the information on Epstein’s decades of crime in four episodes, but it felt much longer than that. The docuseries does an excellent job of taking the viewer through the timeline of Epstein’s life as a wealthy man who for many years, escaped criminalization for the pedophilia, rape, and trafficking he committed.

I was very relieved that Netflix ended the docuseries with the survivor’s voices. After all, they are the only reason the world knows about Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes considering how his money, power, and status protected him for the majority of his pathetic life.

The ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Docuseries

Released last week, “Unsolved Mysteries” tells the stories of six chilling and perplexing true crime mysteries. I’ve seen many true crime docuseries, but this one is a stand-out and its popularity is a testimony. The common thread between each of these separate cases is that they might have been solved had law enforcement listened to the victim’s families earlier.

The reach of Netflix’s platform is so powerful. We can only hope that by informing ourselves on true crimes through resources like docuseries, someone will come forward and justice will be served to those who killed, abused, or otherwise harmed innocent people.