Human beings can’t be perfect. But if one person comes close to being flawless, it’s Christopher Robert Evans. I’ve dedicated countless hours to watching his movies so I know what I’m talking about. Here are Chris Evans’ best roles.

Chris Evans has a very distinct, delightful laugh that I can practically hear through this picture. 
Actor Chris Evans is seated at a press panel and smiling real cute.
Chris Evans has a very distinct, delightful laugh that I can practically hear through this picture.
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

#1 Chris Evans Role: Human Torch… SIKE it’s Captain American in everything

Sorry, I couldn’t resist shading Chris’ first superhero role as Human Torch in Fantastic Four. Let’s just say Captain America EXTINGUISHED Human Torch into a pile of ash.

I’m so sorry I just subjected you to that.

As I was saying, Chris Evans as Captain America was perfection. He gave me faith in the male species, which is unbelievably rare, and I am so thankful for that. My favorite Marvel movies featuring Cap are Captain America: Winter Solider and Avengers: Endgame.

#2 Chris Evans Role: Andy Barber in Defending Jacob

Chris received high praise for his role as Assistant DA and father, Andy Barber in the Apple TV show, Defending Jacob, and I see why. I ate up the show every Friday, and was blown away by Chris’ intense, heartbreaking performance. I would absolutely love to see him in more TV show roles, especially as a dad, because he did it so magnificently.

#3 Chris Evans Role: Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out

When I saw Knives Out in theaters I remember thinking, “Okay, I love all of this but where is Chris Evans?” for half of the movie. So yes, Chris appears late into the movie as the snobby, Trust Fund grandson of Harlan Thrombey, but when he does, he cranks the movie up a notch. And who could forget those cable knit sweaters he wore? Simply stunning.

#4 Chris Evans Role: Curtis Everett in Snowpiercer

As mentioned in a previous article, Snowpiercer is a fantastic, yet underrated movie that Chris Evans carries with his role as revolution leader, Curtis Everett. Up until this movie, I’d never seen Chris in such a dark role, but he smashed it, as per usual.

#5 Chris Evans Role: Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Narrowing it down to my five favorites was a challenge that I accepted, but wasn’t prepared to lose sleep over it. I knew I HAD to include Chris’ role as Lucas Lee in the cult fave, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, because it’s hilarious! I mean, those eyebrows were working overtime.

HONORABLE MENTION ALERT: I realized Chris Evans role in Not Another Teen Movie was also iconic. Like you literally get to see him dressed in a whipped cream bikini. Yeah, I know I’m shallow. Tell me something I don’t know. And it’s a really whacky, fun movie, blah blah blah. Any way you spin it, Jake Wyler in Not Another Teen Movie will go down as Chris Evans’ breakout movie role so I had to mention it.

This has been another professional love letter to one of my celebrity crushes. Thank you for enabling this unattainable crush by reading this article.


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