Fairy tale weddings are a real-life event now. Who would be better to make it happen than Disney? These docuseries turns making dreams come true into a marketing strategy.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Between Docuseries and Marketing.
Original photo from canva.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Docuseries are a great tool to share real-life stories and products. Most of them are used with historical and social purposes. But Disney went one step further by making its docuseries a perfect marketing strategy. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings gives audiences a warm, fuzzy feeling by watching dreams come true. But, it’s also advertising their own unique, magical services.

One of the most attractive parts of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings is obviously the main idea of the series: having the dream wedding. Because fairy tales, especially in women, are a reference for a dream wedding. Not only because most fairy tales share happily ever afters, but also because of all the aesthetic elements. In fact, fairy tales usually include an incredible wedding.

Disney has park-worlds in many places worldwide. Two of the main sites being Disney World in Florida and Disneyland/California Adventure. But as it can be seen in the docuseries, there is also a Disneyland Hong Kong and a Disneyland Paris. All of them magical, fairy tale places. Dream places for weddings. That is why these docuseries is an ingenious marketing strategy not only for Disney’s wedding services but also for the theme parks.

Disney makes dream fairy tales weddings on its docuseries
Disney makes dream fairy tales weddings on its docuseries.
Original photo from imdb.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Disney offers wedding services at all its venues. But, instead of going for regular marketing strategies, Disney created a docuseries to share wedding stories. Well, not only wedding stories because the docuseries also showcases other services. Disney weddings also offer engagement, honeymoon, and vow renewals services.

In this Disney docuseries we follow the behind-the-scenes world of Disney-themed weddings. Along with that, we also get to know more about the couples and the reasons behind their wedding themes. That is an amazing marketing strategy too because it makes us imagine how we would use the services. The docuseries, however, maintains more of a superficial tone. Because, in this docuseries the main subject to share are the weddings themselves.

Disney's combination of docuseries and reality tv seems to work out.
Disney’s combination of docuseries and marketing strategy seems to work out.
Original photo imdb.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Another marketing element integrated into the docuseries is that we follow a single couple per episode. That means there are not recurrent characters or persons we follow through time. Instead of that, in this Disney+ docuseries we follow one preparation and the wedding itself per episode. And in each wedding, they highlight different products, sets, and thematic elements. Each wedding has a different wedding theme and location. In that way, during the two seasons, we follow 14 unique and magical Disney wedding events.

The Disney+ docuseries shares all the steps needed to create a fairy tale wedding in modern times. They showcase all the products and elements, that only the most magical place on earth can create. Because an additional marketing strategy used is to highlight all the logistics that go into planning a wedding, which Disney’s services will handle.

All the steps to follow to have a fairy tale wedding in Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings docuseries.
All the steps to follow to have a fairy tale wedding in Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings docuseries.
Original photo from facebook.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

This is definitely a different kind of docuseries to stream. If you love fairy tales and weddings you will totally love Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings on Disney+. Also, if you like reality tv, this is a unique type of content to stream. Along with that, this is a new way to create streaming content with a different purpose: marketing of services. So I invite you to have your heart touched with these incredible and dreamy weddings.