Boy bands and fangirls rule the world. We all have been fangirls in life, it is fun and exciting. This is a documentary that shares stories from fangirls of some of the most popular boy bands.

A Boyband Fangirl Story, a documentary to watch.
A Boy band Fangirl Story, a documentary to watch.
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Fangirls and boy bands have probably one of the purest relationships. Different groups of people fall in love with the music and performances of boy bands. But fangirls also fall in love with the idea they have of those boys, building up their adoration.

In that way, fangirling is a complete world of different elements and stories to share. Fangirls are synonyms of dedication and support. These groups of millions of people are the masses behind the success of boy bands. Fangirls as the BTS ARMY and the Jonas Brothers Jonatics handle the boy bands’ culture and support.

That is why being a fangirl is not an easy job. Fangirls spend lots of money, time and dedication to show love to their boy bands. Fangirls have an entire lifestyle that centers on the support and love of these boy bands. And fangirls have existed as long as boy bands have existed. Each boy band, no matter the century or decade, has had millions of fangirls supporting them and loving them blindly.

Fangirls have lots of stories to share. So, this time in Documentaries to Watch, we will share a really special documentary. I Used To Be Normal: A Boy band Fangirl Story is a documentary that shares the stories of many fangirls from different boy bands. This is a really different documentary in which many women shared the best and the worst parts of being a fangirl, and how it shaped their lives.

The stories of many fangirls from different boy bands are shared in the documentary.
The stories of many fangirls from different boy bands are shared in the documentary.
Original poster from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

The documentary I Used To Be Normal is a 2018 Australian film directed by Jessica Leski and it is. This documentary shares the stories of four boy band’s fangirls, now women. Four fangirls from different eras and boy bands providing many different points of view. That is something important because the idea of fangirls has been changing over time. In fact, we could say that fangirls nowadays have a bit more recognition and respect than years before.

Filmed over the span of four years, I Used To Be Normal is a documentary that really shows the effects and consequences of being a fangirl. This is an overwhelming documentary for every boy band’s fangirl. It is a documentary every fangirl can relate to and feel represented by. But also, this documentary is an amazing way to create awareness about how fangirls have always been criticized. And it wasn’t until recent years that fangirls have got some recognition.

Through the documentary, we follow the stories of four different fangirl. These fangirls, most of them now women, are between ages from 16 to 60, effectively following the stories of almost three generations of fangirls. These fangirls represent four of the most popular boy bands of all time: One Direction, The Beatles, Take That, and Backstreet Boys.

Four fangirl stories shared in the documentary.
Four fangirl stories shared in the documentary.
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

This was a really overwhelming documentary to watch for me. When I was little, Jonas Brothers was the boy band of the moment. I think that was my first experience as a Boy band’s fangirl. I will never forget the excitement and happiness that being a fangirl as a little girl brought to my life. It was amazing to sing every song and watch those guys perform. It kind of felt like falling in love with an idea and a group of people, without even knowing them. And watching some parts of the documentary, I knew these women could relate to that. It was like my story.

But that wasn’t my only experience as a boy band’s fangirl. I have lots of stories. My second experience as a fangirl was with One Direction. As a Directioner I was able to experience the brightest and the darkest sides of being a fangirl. Maybe it was because, as the women in the documentary, I was old enough to live with the critics and prejudices society imposes on us as fangirls. I was about 16 years old when One Direction started as a boy band, and my story as a boy band’s fangirl became more personal and raw. Much like the women in the documentary.

The documentary shares the real lives of millions of Boy band’s fangirls portrayed in these four women. It shares a story we can all relate to. Being a fangirl carries lots of criticism, something true for many decades and boy bands. But also the documentary shares that the process of falling in love with a boy band carries other side effects. Because being a boy band’s fangirl is like being in a one-sided relationship, and that carries a huge emotional burnout.

That is why the documentary is something every boy band’s fangirl should see. Because it is a great way to become aware of all the unhealthy elements that being a fangirl can bring to ourselves.

But, if you are not a boy band’s fangirl this is also a really interesting documentary to watch. Because fangirls are an incredible way to understand fanaticism as a phenomenon. And this documentary perfectly portrayed that from a humanistic and emotional point of view. I Used To Be Normal, A Boy Band Fangirl Story is a documentary available on Amazon Prime and Hulu. So go enjoy this incredilbe documentary today.