Over the last years, Korean entertainment has been conquering the world. And the movie industry is not an exception. Netflix is one of the streaming services with a variety of Korean movie options. Here is ‘Flu’: a Korean Thriller Movie on Netflix.

Flu: a Korean Thriller Movie on Netflix.
Flu: a Korean Thriller Movie on Netflix.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

In 2013, the South Korean company CJ Entertainment released a thriller movie inspired by an influenza outbreak. The movie was translated with the title of Flu, and it was filmed and produced in South Korea. Flu is a thriller movie based on a virus outbreak disaster, directed by Kim Sung-su and has Jan Hyuk and Soo Ae starring.

The movie Flu is classified as a science fiction thriller about a human disaster, a new deadly flu virus spawning from influenza H5N1. In the movie, the outbreak is unexpected and fast spreading. So when the flu outbreaks in a city near to the Korean capital Seoul, the population goes into chaos.

The movie’s plot is interesting because of the Korean elements added to it. For example, Korean entertainment is famous for Drama. Which is something that gives an overwhelming twist to the movie. Also, this Korean movie shares some real topics and aspects from Korea. Those elements make the movie a cultural exchange. And one of the scariest elements of the movie is also the timely main topic: the deadly flu.

Flu: a Korean Thriller Movie about an influenza outbreak.
Flu: a Korean Thriller Movie about an influenza outbreak.
Original poster from asianwiki.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

At the beginning of the thriller movie, we get introduced to one of the main characters, Dr. Kim In-hae. A Korean woman that works at the Contagion Center of the city. In-hae has an accident when her car falls down into a mine shaft. And that is how we also get introduced to the other main character, Kang Ji-goo an Emergency Response Team member. Ji-goo and one of his partners rescue In-hae. But the Korean doctor loses her car and important data in the accident.

In the movie, two Korean smuggler brothers find out that illegal immigrants they’re smuggling in a shipping container are dead by unknown flu. The Korean brothers take the only survivor’s phone to report the situation to their boss. Immediately one brother becomes sick, and the survivor infected escapes, starting the contagion.

Meanwhile, Ji-goo goes down the mine shaft to rescue Dr. In-hae’s things. And Dr. In-hae receives a call from the hospital to attend to the many people already infected by the flu.

The Flue: a scary and almost realistic thriller movie on Netflix
The Flue: a scary and almost realistic thriller movie on Netflix.
Original photo from variety.com. Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

In the thriller movie the hospitals quickly get crowded with people infected by the flu, dying. Medics start searching for answers as to what is going on. And it is Dr. In-hae who discovers it might be a flu based on H5N1 influenza. But when all that is happening, Dr. In-hae’s daughter is saved by the only survivor from the container, and gets infected by the unknown and deadly flu.

Doctors find out that people usually die after 36 hours of getting infected by the flu. Then Dr. In-hae’s daughter starts searching for the survivor that saved yet infected her. And when she gets lost she calls the Korean ERT member for help. And then when Dr. In-hae finds her daughter, the chaos and drama in the movie only grow.

Now, even when the movie is not a recent release, and some special effects might not be great, this is an interesting thriller movie to stream on Netflix. Especially nowadays that we are living in pandemic times. If you love thrillers and getting scared by things that might happen, likes flu outbreaks, this is a Korean movie for you.