Christmas is my favorite season. There is something magical about it. Here are my top 4 Christmas movies on Netflix to celebrate.

My top 4 Christmas movies to stream on Netflix.
My top 4 Christmas movies to stream on Netflix.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Welcome to the Holiday Season series! A series of articles to prepare ourselves for this Christmas. For me, this Christmas is even more special than before. Why? Well, we‘ve had a different and weird year. For some people, this year has been one of the worst. And if we think about it, we really have lost a lot this year. So, what can be better to recharge energy and positivity than Christmas?

This Holiday Season series will share with you many activities, gluten-free recipes, and ways to celebrate Christmas. So, let’s start with movies to stream and raise some Christmas spirit. Here are my top 4 on Netflix!

“A Christmas Prince”

'A Christmas Prince': a Netflix originals option.
“A Christmas Prince”: a Netflix originals option.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

This is quite a controversial option because if you search for it many reviews talk about how cliche it is. For me, this is a movie that really reflects the holiday spirit without a lot of mysticism and fantasy. It obviously is not a realistic movie. However, it doesn’t set a fantasy scene full of magic either. That is why I love it. Plus, this is a Christmas movie about a love story, and that makes it even better.

“A Christmas Prince” is a Netflix original romantic comedy movie. It was released on Netflix in 2017, and it is still available on the platform, along with its two sequels. This is a Christmas movie about a unique love story between an undercover journalist and a prince. Even when it is not about Christmas itself, the movie reflects the Christmas spirit through its scenography and elements.

Another reason I recommend this movie is because the main characters are not perfect. This is one of those movies in which the main characters are human, they make mistakes and go through normal feeling stages. I think that is really important because it makes the movie more realistic.

“The Princess Switch”

'The Princess Switch': a Different Romantic Comedy Option.
“The Princess Switch”: a Different Romantic Comedy Option.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

This is also a Christmas romantic comedy option that can be controversial too. If you search for reviews many of them will tell you the movie is really cliche and it is like many other movies we have seen. Yes, there are some cliche elements. Like the switch between similar characters, and the prince who falls in love with someone who is not part of the nobility. It is the combination of all those cliche elements that makes the movie unique.

“The Princess Switch” is a movie that has a lot of comedy in its plot. This is a Christmas movie in which the Christmas tale is not part of the plot. There are fantasy and fictional elements that make the movie really fun and attractive. All that, along with incredible winter and holiday landscapes, really makes you feel the Christmas spirit.

Something I like about this movie is that there is not only one love story shared but two. Vanessa Hudgens stars in the movie, and she is one of the main actresses from my generation. The movie is about a baker who travels with her assistant and his daughter to a kingdom for a baking competition. Once in the kingdom, she meets a duchess that is engaged to the prince and is identical to the baker. The duchess asks her as a favor to switch places. During the switch, they fall in love with the people they should not fall in love with.


'Klaus': a Family Netflix original option.
“Klaus”: a Family Netflix original option.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

This Netflix Christmas movie makes a great option for families. It is a 2019 animated movie that shares a unique version of the Christmas tale. For me, this movie is really overwhelming, especially because of its plot. Just imagine the most troubled and dark place on earth. A place in which its population is divided, frustrated, and conflicted. A place that, like many others in real life, seems to not have any kind of Christmas and holiday spirit. Who would expect Santa might be there?

“Klaus” is a movie that combines a really simple but attractive animation and drawing with a twist on the original Christmas tale. This is a new way to ponder about the Christmas spirit and the meaning of the holiday season. Personally, this movie made me think about the fact that the places that most need Christmas spirit are those dark and conflicted on earth. Those places are exactly where Christmas doesn’t come. A situation we all need to ponder and make efforts to change.

In this 2019 Netflix Christmas movie, we follow the story of Jesper, a rich heir who is sent as a mailman to work at a remote polar island. A really dark and conflicted place in which hate divides its population over centuries. It is there, at a place that seems to be the most unhappy on earth; Santa is hidden in his remote cabin, making toys to give one day.

“The Knight Before Christmas”

'The Knight Before Christmas': A fantasy love story Christmas Movie.
“The Knight Before Christmas”: A fantasy love story Christmas Movie.
Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Yes, I know, another Netflix original romantic comedy option. This one has a unique concept. It is obviously not focused on the Christmas tale, but it is a fantasy movie. For me, this is one of those movies just to have a great time, laugh, and fall in love with the plot and the characters. Some incredible Christmas scenarios are an overwhelming plus because holidays and love stories are a great combination.

“The Knight Before Christmas” is a 2019 Netflix movie starring Vanessa Hudgens. The plot follows the story of the two main characters. On one side, we have the 2019 reality, where a science teacher has just lost her parents, her boyfriend, and all her hope of having a happily ever after. On the other side, we have the 14th Century fantasy reality, where a knight is sent to fulfill his destiny and become a true knight. One night, the knight is sent to the present, and the two characters’ crash into each other’s lives.

This movie perfectly combines fantasy, comedy, and romance. The differences between the main characters and how they casually meet in the right moment make the movie unique. It is a Christmas movie to dream about and have a great time. Even when it is obviously not a realistic movie and its plot has some gaps. It is a fun and entertaining option to stream.

So, there you go, 4 Christmas movie options to cheer you up. For me, there is no better way to cheer up than with comedy, romance, and fantasy. And that, combined with Christmas elements is an incredible way to have some fun and forget about reality and problems. At the time of writing, all of these movies are available to stream on Netflix. I would definitely check it out because the platform usually changes and removes some of its content.