Jon Favreau may not be the hot slab of man that inspires most man crushes. But this guy, often from behind scenes, has had a huge influence on Hollywood.

Jon Favreau has his hand in all the major Disney money makers.
Jon Favreau has his hand in all the major Disney money makers.

Jon Favreau as an actor

A lot of you are probably thinking, I know him, that’s Happy from Iron Man. Over the last decade, Favreau has made regular appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Tony Stark’s assistant and right-hand man, Happy Hogan. Happy appears in all three Iron Mans, the Tom Holland Spidermans, and Avengers: End Game. 

Out of all his contributions to film, Jon Favreau has made his smallest mark in front of the camera. Thankfully for this article, he has done enough acting to have a recognizable face to most. He’s been in the business long enough that some might remember him as Sean Astin’s tutor in Rudy. Or Vince Vaughn’s wingman in Swingers. The only movie I can think of that he leads in is Chef, which he also wrote, directed and produced.

Jon Favreau as a producer

We really have Jon Favreau to thank for the MCU, well him and Disney. Favreau produced Iron Man which was the spark that made the flame that is the MCU we know today. He also continued producing every other film in which Iron Man appears, including the Avengers movies. The last of which became the highest grossing movie of all time.

Favreau and Disney go hand in hand. I’m not sure who is benefiting more from the relationship, Disney, Favreau or us. Favreau also produced both The Lion King and The Jungle Book live action remakes, which were both smashing successes. He also produces The Mandalorian, the most successful Disney+ original series since the streamer launched.

Jon Favreau as a director

Why not cut out the middleman? If you want the job done right, do it yourself. Favreau also directed many of the films he produced, like Lion King and Jungle Book and the first two Iron Mans. 

The next one may come as a bit of a surprise. His first commercial success as a director was Elf. That’s right, Jon Favreau directed the hilarious Will Ferrell Christmas hit. If you can remember, he plays the doctor who performs the paternity test, because why not? He’s shooting it.

Jon Favreau as a writer

Favreau wrote Swingers, which one could argue is the movie that put Vince Vaughn on the map. He also wrote Made which again starred Vaughn apart from Favreau. Made was his directorial debut before Elf but I had never heard of it before writing this article so it must not have made much of an impression. You know what did make an impression?

The Mandalorian was the first of Disney’s Star Wars productions that didn’t make any attempt at connecting to the Skywalker saga. It was also the first live action Star Wars series. Well, your boy Jon Favreau was the first to take such strides as the creator and writer of the series.