Maybe you noticed the name change? That’s right, Movie Aroono will henceforth be known as Stream Aroono. But it’s not an arbitrary name change, we’re expanding!

Movie Aroono is Now Stream Aroono!

Stream Aroono is going to be a one-stop shop for all visual stories, no matter the length. We’ve narrowed our focus in the past by writing solely about feature films, movie stars, directors, things they cover at the Oscars. Well now, we’re going full on Golden Globes in here.

That’s right, film AND television. By calling ourselves Stream Aroono we are opening ourselves to virtually any content. Moving forward, expect us to cover original content from a network of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. We will cover movies, series and miniseries. Nothing is off limits.

We will cover shows that appear on prime-time television as those are available on Hulu and other sites. And when Movies return to theaters, we will cover those too, because Video On Demand isn’t going anywhere. The world of entertainment is going digital, and Stream Aroono has grounds to cover it all.

We hope our writing team and loyal readers will appreciate the change, and we hope it will also expand our audience. Thank you for your support, keep reading Stream Aroono!