Eric Andre crammed in calculated scream after calculated scream in a matter of 51 high energy minutes. He successfully slapped the audience across the face with smiles. Eric Andre, you have my heart.

Check out the trailer for Eric Andre’s Netflix comedy special, ‘Legalize Everything.’

The King of Chaos said it himself, “You can’t spell American Dream without Eric Andre.” After watching his new Netflix comedy special, that statement has never been more true.

Yesterday, Netflix dropped maybe my favorite comedy special thus far, Eric Andre’s Legalize Everything. Now, if you’re pious or over the age of 40 you may be unfamiliar with Eric Andre, but for those complimentary to his brand of comedy, you’re in for a treat. And for his fans, well, we’re all so lucky to have 51 minutes of pure Eric Andre being Eric Andre.

One of the things I love about this special and Eric’s comedy in general is his pace. His set is quick, calculated, and fired up, much like the Aries he is. He does not give you a chance to recover after each raunchy, whacky bit.

During his stand up set, he shared that a “fan” asked for a picture and then exclaimed to a buddy, “It’s Key and Peele!” And he noticed that the TV Show “Cops” plays reggae, a genre originating from Black people, right after footage of police brutality against the same Black people. The world and all of its racism, hatred, and ignorance is idiotic. Eric Andre is not.

He doesn’t want you to feel comfortable while he’s on stage, which I love because frankly, there are many uncomfortable things happening in the world. However, since Eric and his fans acknowledge this and are on the same page with current events. Eric’s satire feels cathartic.

C'mon give us all your biggest smile for the one and only, Eric Andre! 
Comedian Eric Andre is smiling very wide with his eyes shut.
C’mon give us all your biggest smile for the one and only, Eric Andre!
Photo Courtesy of Mandee Johnson on Wikimedia Commons

If it isn’t clear already, Eric Andre’s comedy special Legalize Everything gets 5/5 stars from me.

In my opinion, Eric Andre is an unappreciated comedy genius. Eric is smart, well-intentioned, and honest, which is rare in a male comedian.

Even though Eric Andre would probably be super stressful and controversial to an old conservative white guy, his presence and humor is beyond relieving for those who are tuned into the real world. His New Orleans crowd looked like the kids who attended my Midwest liberal arts college, young and progressive. And we stan the King of Chaotic Good. Never change, Eric.