Do you need a zap of inspiration? I think we all do. Well, we’re in luck because Hulu released ‘Palm Springs’ and the rom-com feels like a life preserver is finally being thrown into this repetitive, soul-crushing quarantined existence.

The whacky trailer for ‘Palm Springs’

To be honest, there aren’t many rom-coms I genuinely love. I often find them taking themselves too seriously or they’re seriously problematic. But, like all of Andy Samberg’s work, I loved Palm Springs, and now I have a rom-com to always fall back on.

This rom-com nails the balance between heartfelt and hilarious

Palm Springs has a few elements that can be tricky to navigate. There’s the time loop, the basic California influencer personas, and the meeting someone at a wedding rom-com cliche. However, Palm Springs doesn’t fall into these traps because the characters’ chemistry and movie’s intentions are authentic.

The humor of Palm Springs is a mix of The Lonely Island’s classic comedy; goofy, absurdist, yet witty and observant. Actress Cristin Miloti, whom I had not heard of before Palm Springs, brings her own fine-tuned set of comedy chops. Together, she and Samberg make a genuine couple that you root for.

‘Palm Springs’ asks their funny characters heavy questions

Nyles and Sarah, portrayed by Samberg and Milioti, are trapped in a time loop together, while forced to separately form their beliefs on nihilism, hope, and pain all while falling for each other. And I thought my life was messy.

In the trailer, Sarah asks Nyles, “Well then what’s the point of living?” when you are forced to live the same day over and over, which hits a bit too close to home. However, by the end of the movie I was pleasantly surprised with how each character answered it.

Only after they both faced their unhealthy perspectives on living and self-sabotaging ways did they want a better life. Incidentally, that better life included being together. I love that.

Samberg and Miloti make a rom-com in the desert look good AF.
Samberg and Miloti make a rom-com in the desert look good AF.
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‘Palm Springs’ is a 5/5 rom-com, especially in these times

When Palm Springs was made, nobody knew life would somewhat mirror its reality, and I find divinity in that. Although Samberg’s signature goofy humor and Miloti’s fiery performance made for an entertaining ride, I’m left with more than just a feeling of, “Aw, I’m so glad those cuties ended up together!” because it was more than that.

Palm Springs is a rom-com that tightly packages the vacation getaway aesthetic, sharp humor, and sentimentality that we all need right now, whether we know it or not. All of that goodness is rolled into 90 minutes of pure fun and profoundness, so do yourself a favor and watch Palm Springs.