The platform is one of the newest Netflix productions. It’s a movie that leaves you thinking a lot about social differences and how we handle them.

The Platform: a movie about the Scary Side of Social Differences.
The Platform: a movie about the Scary Side of Social Differences.
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

The Platform is a science-fiction, horror movie. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia directed the movie, released on Netflix in March 2020. The Platform is a thriller film with an interesting and overwhelming plot based on the Spanish movie El Hoyo.

Since its release in March, The Platform has received a lot of buzz, and all the fame and praise the movie got is totally justified. The Platform is more than just horror and science-fiction. It’s more than a thrilling movie. The Netflix production is a perfect analogy of social differences and human cruelty.

The real horror in The Platform comes from the mirror the movie holds up to society. Even though it has a lot of fantasy elements, the message of the movie is clear. The Platform exposes the cruel side of social differences, particularly classism, making it very relevant.

The Platform a movie about social differences on Netflix.
The Platform a movie about social differences on Netflix.
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

What is The Platform about?

The Platform is set in the science-fiction scenario of a “Vertical Self-Management Center.” This is a futuristic tower that functions like a mix between a prison and a laboratory. The tower is divided into cells, and some people come there to serve sentences, while others come to be part of the experiment.

The movie follows a man named Goreng, who voluntarily participated in the project in exchange for a diploma. But the tower is not a place to quietly serve ones sentence, it is a place where you fight to survive. Because “the platform” is what delivers food to the cells. And in a tower of 333 levels, only the privileged have access to a significant quantity of food.

A place where only privileged people have access to cover their basic needs, those kinds of social differences sound familiar, don’t they? The Platform doesn’t just reflect classism, but in a world with 1.3 million people living in poverty, it has global implications as well.

Social Differences reflected on Netflix's movie the platform.
Social Differences reflected on Netflix’s movie the platform.
Original Photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

In the movie, people are randomly assigned to a new cell every month, and the platform stops on each level for a fixed period. Additionally, each resident can bring just one object with them to the facility. This is another reflection of humanity’s cruelty in the movie, because most of the residents bring a weapon. The Platform puts a mirror up to humanity’s violent nature.

An example of that in the movie is Trimagasi, Coreng’s cellmate, who brings a self-sharpening knife. Over the first month on the platform, Coreng and Trimagasi become friends in cell 48. But, during the second month, Coreng and Trimagasi wake up in cell 171, where the platform comes empty of food. In order to survive in 171, Trimagasi ties Coreng to his bed with the plan of cutting strips of Coreng’s flesh to sustain them both.

From this point on in the movie, things start to get tricky. We follow Coreng adjusting to the social differences of the cell he wakes up in. But, The Platform also shows how the experiment effects Coreng’s character, as he contemplates the reality that he might need to kill and eat his cellmate to survive.

The Platform, shows us how suffering because of social differences can push one to drastic measures. But it also teaches that each one of us has the power to fight against the differences. For that reason, this Netflix movie not only leaves us scared, but with the resolve that violence is not the solution. The only way to solve social differences is with awareness and empathy.