Tom Hanks has done it all. From a toy cowboy to a man stuck on a deserted island. He’s proved time and time again that he is an all-star actor.

Tom Hanks is one of film's most influential actors.
Tom Hanks is one of film’s most influential actors.
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This story brings 12-year-old Josh Baskin into the world of adults with one simple wish. Tom Hanks plays the adult version of Josh, navigating life in New York. He gets a job at a toy company and finds that his ideas are just what they need.

Sometimes, it helps to be a 12-year-old boy in an adult’s body, especially in the toy business. Tom Hanks nails the clueless kid character in this film. Through love, friendship and discovering what it truly means to be an adult, Hanks brings classic comedy that’s fun for all ages.

Forrest Gump

Arguably Hank’s most famous film, Forrest Gump received award after award, including the Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Picture. Forrest Gump offers a unique perspective on the world. He lives through war and heartache, yet finds it in himself to remain kind.

Throughout the film he chases after his one genuine love, Jenny. It’s a story that will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions. Tom Hanks gave an unbelievable performance throughout the story. Hanks adapted his speech and movements to make this character stand out from the rest. If you haven’t seen Forrest Gump yet, I urge you to watch the film for Tom Hanks performance alone.

Sleepless in Seattle

After Sam Baldwin’s wife passes away, he moves to Seattle with his son, Jonah. Jonah calls into a radio show to find his dad a new wife and it leads to a romance like no other. Annie Reed hears the call and falls in love with him, even though she’s engaged. Now what?

Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin encompasses the perfect mixture of hopeful romantic and concerned dad. It’s a character you can’t help but fall in love with, in a story that will pull you in. If you’re looking for a story that will make you laugh and cry, this is the film for you.

Toy Story

Just about everyone has heard of this classic film. Tom Hanks voices the cowboy doll Woody, one of Andy’s favorite toys. Throughout the story, Woody struggles to remain in charge when none other than hot new action figure Buzz Lightyear comes along. This family film has had 3 sequels, global fame and a theme park created after it.

If Tom Hanks wasn’t famous before, he was famous after Toy Story. With a recognizable voice and good heart, Hanks became known as a family friendly actor. This film only assured his reputation as a talented actor that can pull off any story.

Saving Private Ryan

The phrase no man left behind comes into play in Saving Private Ryan. When Tom Hanks’ character, Captain John Miller, learns of a soldier behind enemy lines with three dead brothers and a ticket home, he decides to go get Private Ryan himself.

The range of emotion needed when filming a war film is difficult. Tom Hanks portrayed life through the very worst, hoping for something good to come out of it. It was a tribute to the soldiers that fought, rather than a film just about a war story.

The Green Mile

When John Coffey is sentenced to death for killing two young sisters, things don’t seem to add up. Sure, he’s big enough and strong enough, but he doesn’t seem like a killer. Tom Hanks plays Paul Edgecomb, an officer that questions if Coffey is guilty at all.

This film encompasses a story that shows lightness in a bleak place. It seems Tom Hanks has a gift for stories like that. Hanks can always bring a tone of positivity and hope, even in films of prison and war. Watch this film to see the story of The Green Mile unfold in front of you.

Cast Away

When work-obsessed Chuck Noland finds his plane going down over a deserted island in Malaysia, he’s forced to live in isolation. Well, not total isolation. He has his volleyball, Wilson, to talk to. When his attempts to leave the island are repeatedly shut down, he has to find another way.

This is a story that had audiences talking. An actor like Tom Hanks, that has been in war films and stories of hardship, was the perfect choice for this film. Hanks brought an edge to the character that showed he was not willing to give up; to let go of his life. Instead, he had to adapt and change.


When Captain ‘Sully’ felt both engines fail in his plane in January 2009, he was forced to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River. Luckily, everyone was okay. Unfortunately, the investigation that followed the emergency put media attention and strain on Sully’s life.

It’s hard to be an actor portraying a genuine story, especially when the person you’re playing is still alive and in direct media attention. Tom Hanks rose to the challenge. Hanks brought drama to the story and was the actor to do Captain ‘Sully’ justice. It’s a film, with an authentic story, that you need to see.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

In this touching tribute, Tom Hanks portrays the one-and-only Mister Rogers. Mister Rogers was a wonderful man that touched many of our childhoods through his television show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He taught kids across the world to be kind. This is a story to remind people everywhere, to be a good neighbor.

It had to be Tom Hanks, another actor that touched many of our childhoods, to star in this film. Hanks uses this story to show what one man with a heart of gold can accomplish. This newly released film is a story you and your family should watch together.