Top 3 Movie Articles Last Week: July 13

Movie Aroono wants to be your go-to stop for all your entertainment reading. Come back for news from movie studios, well thought out reviews and articles highlighting your favorite people and projects from Hollywood. Here are our most visited articles from last week.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Watch ‘Jeepers Creepers’

Jeepers Creepers is a cult classic. In the horror genre, where there are a lot of misses, it should be considered a straight up classic. Yet, Jeepers Creepers is often overlooked as a major monster/slasher film when compared to Halloween, Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. Well, this article spells out exactly why this movie deserves recognition.

4 Favorite Moments From ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Crazy Rich Asians was a smash hit. Not only did it perfectly blend together comedy, drama and romance, but with a predominantly Asian cast, it gave representation to an often under-represented group in Hollywood. There’s a lot of reasons to love this movie, but our writer narrowed down the best moments from Crazy Rich Asians.

What Won Kobe Bryant An Oscar, Explained

Most people don’t even realize that Kobe Bryant was an Oscar recipient. But he was. There have been many works in memoriam of the late basketball legend who passed earlier this year, but none seem to mention his accomplishment in film. Read all about the Oscar winning Dear Basketball in this article.

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