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’13 Reasons Why’ Cast Turns To Movies As Show Ends

Thirteen Reasons Why has ended; now its cast is looking heading for the big screen. Several actors from the show will soon make their feature debuts. Source: Wikipedia and Flickr

13 Reasons Why was a smash hit for Netflix, but eventually the bell tolls for all series. After four seasons, the show gave viewers an emotion conclusion that has fans feeling despondent. We here at Movie Aroono have done our best to give them something else to lean on. This listicle discusses current and future movie roles for 13 Reasons Why cast members, which got a real star power boost from the show.

3 Horror Movies That Won’t Keep You Up At Night

This has been described as the movie list you didn’t know you needed. There is apparently a whole population of people who like horror movies, even though they scare easily. Do you belong to this group? Well, you’re in luck, we’ve got a writer like that on staff. Read up on what our self-proclaimed horror wuss recommends on Netflix.

365 Days’ Social Media Popularity Is Alarming

Lots of controversy about 365 Days out there. LOT O’ CONTROVERSY. Critics see it as little more than brash sexual content lacking story and artistic expression. It’s bad. The movie is crap. But people still rave about it. We’re out here wondering what this means? Do people care more about watching sex than something thought provoking? Are our naughtiest urges really our strongest common denominator? And if so, is Netflix really content to go “Skinemax” and profit from this? Well, we know the answer to that one actually, it’s yes.