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3 Reasons to Remember Cameron Boyce

Actor Cameron Boyce is well known for being a Disney Channel star. But the late actor was much more than that. He was a talented singer, dancer and he committed activist. In honor of Boyce’s birthday we highlighted the young mans accomplishments in life, and after.

3 Movies That Confront Racism in America

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, our country rallied to protest and voice louder than ever, Black Lives Matter. Its circumstance was tragic, but the response was powerful. We here at Movie Aroono want to keep the conversation going, and we know the importance of education and self-awareness. As cinephiles we love a good movie that also educates and makes a relevant point. So we configured three movies that deal with heavy themes of racism in America.

4 Actors’ Humble Beginnings All But Forgotten

This fun listicle dives deep into the filmography of four influential giants in Hollywood. To get to such a place of influence you have to put in the work. Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and others on our list have had long careers with many high points along the way. But their careers are perhaps so long that many have forgotten where they got their start, and how long ago that was. These four men are true grinders. Stay tuned for our story about actresses whose beginnings have been forgotten.