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Imaginative Paleontology: 5 Factual Blunders In ‘Jurassic Park’

Jurassic Park is one of the greatest films of my lifetime. Who cares about creating dinosaurs, they created fantastic characters that made for an exciting movie, with a powerful theme. But for a minute we’re having a little fun at the film’s expense. Because it seems while focusing so much on the story, they forgot to deliberate with a paleontologist. If they had, they might have noticed some of these factual errors.

3 Brilliant And Funny Storytellers You Didn’t Know You Loved

The man in that photo is Adam McKay. Know him? He is one of the men highlighted in this article that discusses some serious powerhouse writers and directors. These three men have had huge influences on Hollywood, with multiple successful titles under their belt. Take a look at the works they have done and feel the appreciation I do. Learn their names and look for their next projects.

Why ‘West Side Story’ Is Not About Race

Lately cancel culture has targeted classic cinema, as some things could slide back then that wouldn’t these days. West Side Story for example has some racial slurs. But if you know the movie, you should know that just because a movie is largely about race relations in a pre-civil rights era, doesn’t mean the movie is racist. But more importantly, this article makes the point that race isn’t the real focus of the film. And it’s not the Romeo and Juliet parallel either.