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Why ‘Toy Story’ (1995) is a Feminist Movie

Toy Story is an animated classic, featuring the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as a toy sheriff and toy astronaut. They’re Andy’s favorite toys. This article theorizes why Andy clings to these figures of masculinity. Yet it uses statistics to make the point that Toy Story is rooted in a feminist theme.

‘The Long Dumb Road’ Leads to Growth, Not LA

The Long Dumb Road (2018) is now available on Netflix.
Tony Revolori and Jason Mantzoukas play Nat and Richard in The Long Dumb Road.

The Long Dumb Road is a road trip movie that like many road trip movies is really more of a journey of self-discovery than a physical journey. This review explores the refreshing aspects of this comedy, from the obvious character transformation to the less expected on-screen chemistry. Find out why this isn’t just another road trip movie.

3 Historical Events Perfect for Hollywood

Schloss Itter in Austria. Setting of the Battle for Castle Itter, a historical movie idea for Hollywood. Photo from Svíčková on Wikimedia Commons.

Have you ever heard a story or learned about some crazy events in history and you asked yourself, “Why hasn’t anyone made that into movie?” Well, that’s exactly what one of Aroono’s resident history buffs did with this list. These are wild, real-life stories that have never been adapted to film.

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