Each month, Netflix has us waiting for new movies and series releases. And July has been no exception. Here are 3 movie releases on Netflix for July.

Top 3 Movie Releases on Netflix for July.
Top 3 Movie Releases on Netflix for July.
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The start of a new month can mean many things. But for those of us that use Netflix, the start of a month means something in specific: movie releases. Just for July, Netflix announced over 70 releases, both movies and series. Some content is will be Netflix original, other won’t, but they’re all coming to Netflix in July.

Most of the movies and series were released on July 1st, but there is some still plenty of content coming throughout the rest for the month. Also, if there is something amazing about Netflix’s monthly releases, it is that there is content for all the tastes and ages. Just on July 1st, Netflix released over 60 movies, including international movies and one Netflix original movie.

Without further adui, here are three movie releases on Netflix in the first week of July, including one Netflix original movie, a documentary, and a biopic.

#1 Movie Release on Netflix: Desperados (2020)

#1 Movie Release on Netflix: Desperados (2020)
#1 Movie Release on Netflix: Desperados (2020).
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Obviously the top of the list has to be a Netflix original movie. Desperados is a Netflix original comedy movie released on July 3rd. This movie was trending on Netflix in the week following the release. This romantic comedy Netflix original was directed by LP and its screenplay was written by Ellen Rapoport. The movie has Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp, Robbie Amell and Lamorne Morris starring.

The Netflix original movie Desperados follows a funny journey of three young women. In the movie, the main character Wesley desperately wants to settle down. Particularly, shw wants to find a partner, get married and have kids.

Wesley is so desperate to have a partner that she decides to hide her true self to start a relationship with her latest crush, Jared. But everything gets tricky when she writes an email revealing her true self and her desire to get married soon, and accidentally sends it to Jared. That is when the comedy really gets going, as she and her friends travel to Mexico to try to delete the email before Jared sees it.

If you like romantic comedy movies, this Netflix original might be the movie for you. The movie has the elements for every romantic comedy, including a clumsy main character and a stack of mishaps and unfortunate coincidences.

#2 Movie Release on Netflix: #AnneFrank – Parallel Stories (2019)

#2 Movie Release on Netflix: #AnneFrank - Parallel Stories (2019).
#2 Movie Release on Netflix: #AnneFrank – Parallel Stories (2019).
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The second movie is a dramatic documentary released on Netflix on July 1st. #AnneFrank – Parallel Stories is a 2019 historical drama movie directed by Anna Migotto and Sabrina Fedeli. The movie shares five true-life stories from women who survived the holocaust. But also, the movie does a review of Anne Frank’s story, who didn’t.

Oscar winner Helen Mirren tells the stories of young women in the holocaust. One of them is the legend, Anne Frank. In the documentary movie, Helen Mirren reads Anne Frank’s diary in her room in the secret refuge in Amsterdam.

The movie also introduces five women that survived the holocaust who share their own stories of persecution and mistreatment. In a way, this movie makes us imagine what could have happened if Anne Frank have survived.

#3 Movie Release on Netflix: Frida (2002)

#3 Movie Release on Netflix: Frida (2002)
#3 Movie Release on Netflix: Frida (2002).
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This third movie release is a biographical movie released on Netflix on July 1st. Frida is a 2002 historical drama movie directed by Julie Taymor with Salma Hayek portraying Frida Kahlo. The movie, now available on Netflix shares the story of the surrealist Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. And it was based on the book, A Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera.

The biographical movie shares Frida Kahlo’s story from when the artist was a schoolgirl to when she was Diego Rivera’s lover. The movie starts with a car accident Frida had when she was 18 years old. That accident was the main reason why Frida started painting, to recover from her injuries. Also, the movie shares her intense but strange love with Diego Rivera, and Frida’s discovery of her bisexuality while being in an open relationship with Rivera.

This is a really intense and interesting movie to stream on Netflix. The movie is not only an honest biography of an icon and a genius of art. But it is also a masterpiece that combines storytelling and complex real-life characters.

So there you have, three new movies on Netflix; three movies released in the first week of July. These movies are really interesting and different options. Now it is up to you, go and stream these Netflix releases.