Some of President Trump’s rally organizers are getting creative. Rather than holding them in a single location, they are roaming and they’re a massive success.

Cincinnati Trump Parade

Directions were posted to direct the traffic. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “They Call Me the Breeze” was playing, and there were no less than three hundred cars, trucks, and motorcycles present. Everyone was smiling and getting ready for their run around I-275, and a sea of American flags was waving across the parking lot.

No one was wasting any time. All of this, the moving rally, the quick-paced congregation at a Home Depot, appeared to be for a reason—to avoid protesters or aggravators. But not a hint of hostility was anywhere to be found.

Mainstream media regularly paint Trump supporters as violent white supremacists. But these people were doing nothing that remotely resembled the reports of CNN. They were just regular people.

All walks of life were present, and it showed; Flatbed trucks with homemade floats, Porsches touting “Trump 2020,” and Jeeps with “Women for Trump” proudly displayed across the back windshield. What wasn’t there? Fistfights, Molotov cocktails, nazi skinheads, brown shirt storm troopers, or any of the ugly stereotypes.

Trump Mobile Rally
Trump Mobile Rally

A little hesitant, but determined to speak his piece, one of the rally participants Alex Vaughn said, “We’re young entrepreneurs and we’re here to support Trump. We like to be able to support our employees, and we like to be able to keep our money instead of giving it to people who are dragging the economy down,” he said, standing next to his Lamborghini.

“He’s bringing all the money and all the jobs back. A lot of politicians make promises, but they didn’t do sh*t. Trump actually supports the backbone of America. He’s not a politician and we love him for it,” Vaughn’s friend JR Kirvov said.

Financial concerns were foremost on these two men’s minds, as well as additional complications brought on by the pandemic.

“He’s bringing home manufacturing jobs,” Vaughn said. “America has geared away from manufacturing. That’s why we were so crippled by COVID. When there are no hard goods being produced and it’s outsourced, service jobs get pushed to the wayside. And that’s why so many people were so greatly affected by it.”

In fact, Trump introduced sixteen new legislative efforts that have made massive regulatory cuts along with a reform in 2017 which cut taxes by 21 percent. This sample of his constituency was vocally happy about it.

There were 35 locations set up for the Trump Rally, with an estimated 6,000 participants according to the event page on Facebook—which sometimes gained as many as 500 new participants in a single day. This is noteworthy because Donald Trump was not there. This was entirely spearheaded by the efforts of everyday citizens who simply wanted to come out and show their loyalty to the President and their country.

Women for Trump
Women for Trump

Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” was blaring across the speakers of a car not visible. An elderly couple, who declined to identify themselves, were standing next to an SUV and stated, “My husband is a veteran. He is a Purple Heart recipient and Trump has done a lot for the veterans.”

The PurpleHeart Medal is awarded to members of the US armed forces who are wounded at war by the hands of the enemy, and it is given in the name of the President. Before Donald Trump breathed new life into it, the Department of Veterans Affairs was in sad shape. Facilities were run down, and service was given almost begrudgingly, and the VA has been bogged down by scandals for years.

“That, and the support of the police. That’s why we’re here,” she said. “And I just think he’s good for America.”

Trump Pride Parade

Indeed, vehicles were prevalent with Blue Lives Matter flags. But when asked if they would give their names, the woman said, “No, I’m sorry. We have kids.”

They were worried, like many, about being doxxed and harassed for being Trump supporters.