Father’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s time to find a gift for the world’s hardest person to shop for. But fear not! If your dad has a dog and is a dog lover, then one of these Father’s Day gifts will make him light up on the big day.

3 Father's Day Gifts for Dog Lover Dads, dad gift dog lover
You can’t go wrong with a dog inspired Father’s Day gift for a Dog Dad!
Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

A Personalized Shirt or Pillow With Your Pup’s Face on It for the Sentimental Dog Dad

I’m starting strong here because this gift was a real winner with my dad, and that doesn’t come easy. For a man who almost seen it all, he was genuinely surprised when he opened this gift and saw our dog’s face on a T-shirt. It was magical and $30 well spent.

Plus, the Etsy store I bought my dad’s gift from lets you include wording below your dog’s cute little face! Every time I see my dad wearing his shirt that says, “The Griff,” under a picture of our Goldendoodle, Griffin; I laugh.

Even if your father just wears it around the house, this is a sentimental gift your dog-loving dad will enjoy. Plus, the pillow option is there for dads who are too fashionable to wear a shirt with his dog’s mug on it. I might call them cowards, but whatever. I’m not bitter about it. This is a great Father’s Day gift for all dog dads, nonetheless.

A Painting of Your Dad and His Dog Friend for the Art Appreciator Dad

For Christmas last year, I painted everyone’s gifts. My dad was my last gift to make because I was stumped. What would my dad want to look at every single day in his office? Then I looked in my dog’s eyes. The answer was clear. You can’t go wrong with a painting of your dad and his loyal furry friend.

This will be a fun project for you, it’s cost-effective, and it’s homemade! An absolute triple threat that no one will see coming. However, if you aren’t artistically inclined or would like to leave it up to the professionals, you can purchase a custom dad and dog print on Etsy.

The shop I’ve linked has you choose from a wide range of dog breeds and dad hairstyles. Since the portrait only shows the back of their heads, it’s easier to customize the painting for a reasonable price. For $15, your dad will be none the wiser.

A Dog Prayer Candle for the Goofy Dog Dad

3 Father's Day Gifts for Dog-Lover Dads, dad gift dog lover
Take your dad to metaphorical heaven with this dog prayer candle.
Photo Courtesy of NorthernFlame On Etsy

I’m not exaggerating when I say this might be the greatest thing I’ve seen in weeks. Suddenly, I have faith again. Now I need one for my dad, ASAP.

Similar to the personalized shirt and pillow, send a photo of your dog to the seller and they will put the dog’s mug on the product. You can also add a Saint Name so that everyone knows it’s your dog who is in charge of the church.

Just imagine a dog giving communion with its cute paws. The sheer thought is heavenly. Amen, dog priest.

Peace be with you and your dog lover dad this Father’s Day. I hope he’s ready for the Father’s Day gift of a lifetime.