There are a lot of great pets out there. Sure it’s hard not to love dogs and cats, but have you ever thought of something more exotic? A pet some would deem strange? Well then check out this list.

Check out these great exotic pets
Check out these great exotic pets.
Credit Photo by Saketh Upadhya from Pexels

Get a Cute and Cuddly Degu as an Exotic Pet

As far as exotic pets go, they don't get much cuter than the degu
As far as exotic pets go, they don’t get much cuter than the degu.
Credit Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

These cute rodents make great pets. They aren’t nocturnal, which is a big plus for pet owners. They are awake during the day and very sociable.

In the wild, they can live with up to 100 other degus. For this reason, it is recommended that you get more than one. If you do this, they will make even better pets. With more socializing for them, they will be warmer and more comfortable.

As far as exotic pets go, it doesn’t get much cuter than these little rodents.

Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

A great exotic pet for you and the kids
A great exotic pet for you and the kids.
Credit Photo by Saketh Upadhya from Pexels

There really isn’t any reason I can think of not to get a bearded dragon. They check off everything on the list of “things that make a great pet.”

They’re inexpensive and easy to care for. Bearded dragons can live up to 15 years. And they’re extremely docile. You won’t find them to be aggressive at all. They’re great pets for kids. They even enjoy cuddling up to you for warmth.

If you’re in the market for an exotic pet, the bearded dragon has you covered.

Chinchillas Are the Pets for Busy Workers

These cute exotic pets are easy to care.
These cute exotic pets are easy to care.
Credit Image by Adam Białasik from Pixabay

Chinchillas are nocturnal or crepuscular. This means that, for the most part, they sleep during the day. So, if your biggest worry about getting a pet is that you work during the day, this exotic pet could be for you.

Again, they are easy to care for. They’re herbivores, so they only require a low-maintenance diet. They are cuddly and affectionate. Chinchillas also have arguably the softest fur in the world. If that isn’t inviting cuddles, I don’t know what is.

They’re sweet, affectionate, and normally live between 10–15 years. Chinchillas are a great pet to own for many reasons.

I hope this list has you thinking about different exotic pets to own. If you have any questions about these cuddly pets, leave a comment.