Bath time can be a painful process for many dog owners. Their paws stuck out in protest. Their bodies squirming for dear life. We’ve all been there. But here are some ways to make bath time easier.

Your dogs bath time doesn't have to be painful
Your dog’s bath time doesn’t have to be painful.
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Take Your Dog for a Nice Evening Walk

I know this isn’t always possible, depending on where you live and the weather. But if it’s a nice evening, take your dog for a walk.

This calms them down. You want your dog to be nice and relaxed for bath time. Plus, it tires them out. Your dog will be tired and hot from the walk.

This can lead to a nicer bath time routine. Calmly take them to the bathroom and run them a nice cool bath.

You can rub some cool water on your dog. This will show them that the temperature is nothing to be nervous about. Studies have shown that a scorching hot bath can traumatize your dog. If at some point in their lives they’ve had that bad experience, they might believe that every bath is that way.

Even if you’ve given them plenty of nice baths afterward, that bad experience can still linger in your dog’s head. Show them the nice, cool temperature and try to gently get your dog into the bath.

Treats and Even a Meal During Bath Time

Food is a great motivator for humans and dogs alike. Some owners enjoy either leading them to the bath with treats or even feeding the dogs a whole meal in the tub.

If you have their bath around the time they eat, you can turn supper time, into supper- bath time. Your dog will then associate food with bathing.

We all know how much our dogs love to eat. Nothing makes them happier than a good meal. So, try getting their mind off of the bath by feeding them.

Make Bath Time Play Time

Is your dog big on toys? Do they go crazy over them? Well, for the dogs that love playtime, bring some of their favorites to the bathtub.

Much like food, you can associate something your dog loves with bath time. That is the trick to getting your dog to enjoy getting cleaned.

If these tips don’t work, you can always call a professional trainer in your area. Ask questions and see what information they can share. This isn’t a sure-fire guarantee, but it has helped plenty of dog owners.

Lastly, you need to allocate some time for your dog’s bath. If you give yourself ten minutes, you might find that you’re stressing. Then the dog can sense your stress, and it becomes strenuous for both of you.

Give yourself enough time that you remain calm. You need to be relaxed and enjoying yourself for your dog to do the same.

Good luck to your and dog. Make bath time fun
Good luck to your and dog. Make bath time fun.
Image by Thomas-Suisse from Pixabay

I hope these tips work for you and your dog. If you have any questions or concerns, you can comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.