Raising a puppy is worth every second of potty training, sleepless nights, and painful puppy bites. Here are 3 tips on how to potty train your puppy.

3 Tips on How to Potty Train Your Puppy
To potty train a puppy you will need time and patience.
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Being a dog parent is both challenging and rewarding. If you have a busy schedule, postpone getting a puppy for the time being. New dog parents should know having a puppy requires commitment and work.

However, that didn’t stop 87 million Americans from getting one. Dogs form deep attachments and love their parents unconditionally. That is why we need to make sure we are available for them and love them just as much.

1. Teach Your Puppy the Meaning of Space

3 Tips on How to Potty Train Your Puppy
To potty train a puppy first she must understand space.
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Puppy parents will be happy to know that dogs don’t do their business in their homes. When they form an idea that a specific place is their home, they will not relieve themselves there. However, puppies don’t have a cognitive sense of the space in the new house, nor can they understand the concept of different areas. To potty train your puppy, you have to introduce the idea of space gradually.

Getting a small crate for the puppy is the first step. The crate has enough space for the puppy to be comfortable, but not too much space for play. Why? You don’t want to give the puppy an idea that this is a space for multiple uses. You want him to understand that this space is his own, and there is another place where we go potty.

2. Take the Puppy Outside Every Hour

3 Tips on How to Potty Train Your Puppy
Puppies need to be taken for a walk every hour during the potty training stage.
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This is why you need to have a flexible and open schedule to train a puppy. It would be best if you took your puppy outside at least once every hour. He will not go every time, but he will start noticing the difference between outside and inside. When you take him out to potty train him, don’t play, engage, nor take his attention. Actually, be boring.

When he does his business while on your outings, reward him with a treat and start a play. Play with him, tell him he is a good boy, let him chow a toy, do everything puppies love to do. This way, he will associate the going to the bathroom outside with a positive feeling, and he will want to do it again. 

3. Control the Scent Your Puppy Leaves Behind

3 Tips on How to Potty Train Your Puppy
The puppy will potty where he can smell his own elimination.
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New dog owners must be prepared to potty train a puppy for at least several months. During this time, she will relieve herself on the carpet, on the bed, in the bathroom, on the sheets, and everywhere else. It is imperative to clean up not just for you but for the sake of the potty-training process.

If the smell of her own elimination lingers around a bit, she might start thinking this is the place to do her business. Similarly, take her in the same places she has gone to the bathroom outside. The scent will let her know that this is the place to go to the bathroom. 

Do you have your own tips for training your dog? Tell us about your potty-training puppy experience in the comment section below.