Doggy daycare is an unfamiliar place for your dog. Don’t throw them in and hope for the best. Give them a little head start with these 4 easy tips.

Daycare for dogs is a magnificent way to socialize.
Daycare for dogs is a magnificent way to socialize.
Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

1. Get Your Dog Comfortable Around Other Dogs

It will be a rough first day if your dog isn’t comfortable around other dogs. Doggy Daycare is full of them. Take your dog to the local dog park on your day off. Go for a walk in an area with other dogs. Introduce them to a friend’s dog. Anything that will acclimate them to the environment.

Take baby steps with your dog. It will much easier for them to be in an environment with other dogs if they have been exposed to it beforehand. Don’t forget, you can’t stay at daycare with them. They won’t be able to lean on you for help.

2. House Breaking

You don’t want to drop your dog off without knowing the bathroom basics. As in, you can’t pee inside. If your dog does it, it might just start a chain reaction. There will be pee everywhere! That won’t go over well at doggy daycare.

You need to teach your dog that peeing inside is not okay. Reward your dog when they go outside and establish a bathroom routine. If you catch them peeing in the house, make a loud noise to startle them. Then take them outside to their pee spot. That will give them the hint it’s not okay.

Doggy daycare can be a brilliant place for your dog.
Doggy daycare can be a beneficial place for your dog.
Photo by Hannah Lim on Unsplash

3. Complete Basic Dog Training

If your dog knows how to sit and stay, they will be much more prepared for doggy daycare. They’ve got to understand that there are rules and they don’t run the place. I can see it now- your dog going up to the biggest dog there (the one with piercings and tattoos), trying to claim his spot as alpha.

This isn’t a movie, so that won’t go over well. Instead, train your dog to respond to basic commands like Stop, Go, and Lay down. This will ensure your dog is well-behaved at doggy daycare.

4. Keep Your Dog Up-to-Date on Their Shots

Any doggy daycare you send your dog to will require up-to-date vaccinations. You don’t want sickness spreading between dogs. That could ruin doggy daycare altogether.

Make sure you get your dog their vaccinations and any other medical requirements that your doggy daycare requires. It’s important to read over the requirements of doggy daycare before you drop your dog off. After all, it’s not just your dog that needs to know the rules!

What experiences have you had at doggy daycare? Are there any tips that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below!