Sitting at home all day watching cars go by can be boring. Give your dog something to look forward to every month with these 4 subscription boxes!

Dog sniffing a treat box, with multiple treat boxes surrounding him
A monthly subscription box lets your dog try new toys, treats, and clothes.
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What’s So Great About a Subscription Box

A subscription box shows up every month filled with new toys and treats, depending on which company you buy your box from. This is a great mood-booster for your dog. They may not be the center of attention all the time. So, this subscription box gets to be your dog’s moment to shine.

Find a subscription box in your budget and look at what it offers. This is your chance to try out the newest products in the dog market. It will be worth it. Your dog will chase after the mailman every month for a new reason.

1. BarkBox

BarkBox is one of the biggest dog subscription boxes in the industry. Starting at $22 a month, this box is reasonably priced and has a different theme every month. How fun! Recent themes have ranged from Olympic ‘Podium Pups’ to a Scooby-Doo Box. Your dog would love to get involved in this monthly party.

“Every time Piper’s bark box is dropped off she is waiting by the door to see what she got for the month and she is never disappointed. The one time she did chew through a toy but BarkBox was kind enough to send us a tougher toy for her as a replacement! Highly recommended to get your dog subscribed!” – Tim of Cudahy, WI

Their unique toys and fun treats make BarkBox the leader of the pack. It even gives you the option to send a BarkBox as a gift. The sign-up process is simple and fun, and shipping is free for anyone living in the United States. Make the most of the month and order your dog a BarkBox.

Dark brown pitbull dog splashing in the water
If your dog is a serial chewer, this next subscription box is for you!
Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels


For $39 every month, you can receive this talked-about dog subscription box. They specifically make this box for tough dogs that like to chew through toys. Gone are the days of toy remnants spread all over your house. BULLYMAKE box guarantees their toys won’t fall apart so fast.

“My Roxy absolutely loves her Bully box. She has learned that the orange box is hers and there are new toys and treats. She literally dances when she sees it and I can’t even get it out before she [sic] digging for her new stuff.” – Mike Strauss

This box is bound to get your dog excited month after month. When you order your subscription box, you get to specify your dog’s size, allergies, and preferences. You even get some say about what types of products should go into your dog’s subscription box.

American Cocker Spaniel dog sitting in a pink sweatshirt with a toy, looking at the camera
Your monthly subscription box will come with gifts that keep your dog entertained in style.
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

3. BoxDog

BoxDog gives you the option of choosing between a monthly box, quarterly box, or a grain-free quarterly box. It tells you exactly what goes into the box you select. The monthly subscription box costs $34.99 a month and allows you to choose 4 items (from treats and toys to clothing and skincare).

“We LOVE BoxDog. I honestly ate one of the treats (human grade ingredients) and i [sic] craved them all week hahaha. So embarrassing, but the dogs had to fight me to eat the cookies. They get so excited when our boxes arrive.” – Melannie Jett

This subscription box is all about your dog’s health. They focus on grain-free food, vegan skincare, and homemade treats. If you’re looking for a subscription box that puts your dog’s health first, BoxDog is the company for you.

4. Happy Wags!

Happy Wags! customizes their subscription box to fit your dog. Would you categorize your dog as small, medium, or large? This is the first step in ordering your monthly subscription box. This is a personalized element that not every subscription box takes the time to consider. It’s no surprise that this company has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with a grand total of 4.9/5 stars.

“I have been very pleased with my experience with Happy Wags! My first order arrived damaged due to the fault of the product company. The owner of Happy Wags contacted the product company and a new item was sent. My second order arrived on time in perfect condition. Love the unique products!” -Gloria Morgan, California

This subscription box starts at $39 a month. It costs more than some of its competitors, but from these shining reviews, it sounds like it’s worth it. Try out Happy Wags! today!

Which subscription box are you going to get your dog? Is there another subscription box we should add to our list? Comment below and let us know!