When shopping for a summer pet for kids, you cannot go wrong with a pet goldfish. These kid-friendly pets will make your child’s summer more fun.

goldfish in an orange peel tank on a blue background
A goldfish is a great summer pet for kids. Read on to learn why this kid-friendly pet is right for your family.
Image by Hardy Peters from Pixabay

A new goldfish can be a fun, exciting, and educational addition to your child’s summer plans. This kid-friendly summer pet can entertain your child without breaking the bank and teach them some responsibility this summer. Here are four reasons goldfish make great summer pets for kids.

#1 Goldfish Are Low Maintenance

For many families, summer is a busy time now that school is out of session. Your kids likely have a multitude of summer activities, camps, and plans with their friends. Plus, summer is a popular time for vacations, cookouts, and get-togethers. Therefore, you want a summer pet that will be low maintenance.

That’s why the goldfish reigns supreme for summer pets for your kids. All your goldfish needs to remain happy and healthy are the bare necessities. A goldfish only requires a small aquarium bowl (a good rule of thumb is 10 gallons per goldfish), some rocks or tunnels to explore, clean water, and to be fed once or twice a day. That’s it. While you’re away on vacation, you won’t have any trouble finding someone to look after your aquatic pet.

#2 Goldfish Can Entertain Your Kids

Drawing of a girl with braided pigtails that is looking at her goldfish
DA goldfish is an ideal summer pet that can keep your kids entertained for hours.
Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

If your kids are like most during the summer months, they reach levels of boredom never seen by about week two of their time off from school. Don’t panic! Adding an aquatic pet like a goldfish can provide hours of daily entertainment. This is especially true if you get 2 or 3 goldfish for your child to watch.

Unlike other summer pets, goldfish get along great with other goldfish. Plus, the more fish you have swimming around your aquarium, the more entertainment your children will get from this summer pet. Younger children, in particular, can spend a long time just sitting quietly and watching goldfish explore their surroundings.

#3 Goldfish Teach Your Kids Responsibility

Many parents use summer as an opportunity to give more responsibilities to their children. These responsibilities include household chores like laundry, dishes, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, and such. Having your child take care of a goldfish is another great summer responsibility that they’ll enjoy and take pride in.

This responsibility for your child’s new summer pet will make him or her feel much more grown-up and independent by the end of summer. However, don’t expect them to take on the responsibility perfect from the get-go. Parents should supervise children while they get into the routine of caring for their new aquatic pet for the first few weeks after they welcome the pet into the family.

#4 Goldfish Are Quiet

Multiple goldfish in a tank with logs and corals
Goldfish are the perfect aquatic pet for your kids this summer. They are both quiet and low maintenance.
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

If you’ve got a house full of kids to watch over and entertain this summer, the last thing you need is a summer pet that makes a bunch of noise. Thankfully, this aquatic pet won’t make any noise at all! Your new goldfish may get your kids to sit still for longer than 5 minutes and use their inside voices for once. There is something to be said for a summer pet that helps keep the peace and thriving in your house.

However, don’t be surprised if you hear your young children engaging in short or long daily chats with your pet goldfish. In fact, encourage it if you have a child that is shy or doesn’t have any siblings. This daily social engagement can help your child interact better with their peers and friends once they head back to school in the fall.

Overall, goldfish are the best summer pet around for your kids. They are easy for your kids to care for, free entertainment, affordable, a lesson in responsibility, and, best of all, quiet! Goldfish are one of the few kid-friendly pets that don’t leave a mess or tear up your house. Purchase this aquatic pet to help make your children’s summer more fun!

Are there any other pets that you think are a perfect summer pet? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.