Many parents may panic at just the mere thought of buying a pet snake for their child. However, these reptile friends make wonderful child-friendly pets.

Pet snake being held by someone
Consider buying a pet snake for your child. This child-friendly pet will make a great addition to your family.
Image by gliciafernandaalmeida from Pixabay

Contrary to what many parents or non-snake lovers may think, snakes make fantastic pets. There are plenty of safe, non-venomous snakes out there that will quickly become your child’s favorite reptile friend. Here are some reasons a pet snake is perfect for your child.

#1 Pet Snakes Are Friendly

You may not realize it if you’ve never handled or been around a pet snake, but they are like any other pet you’ve ever interacted with. A snake is a friendly reptile. Though snakes may not show love and affection in the same way that a cat or dog does (due to the fact that they’ve retained their natural instincts), they will have their own version of bonding. The more time you and your child spend with your pet snake, the better off the both of you’ll be.

The pet snake you buy from your local pet store is meant to interact with and receive affection from humans. So, you don’t have to stress whether your child’s pet snake is safe or will attack a member of your family. As long as everyone treats the snake with love and respect, this child-friendly pet will make an outstanding addition to your family.

Tiny snake being held in someone's hands
A snake is a loving and affectionate child-friendly pet.
Image by ssutton77 from Pixabay

#2 Pet Snakes Are Unique and Come in Many Varieties

Chances are, when you buy your child a pet snake, they’ll be one of the few kids at school who has a reptile friend at home. This is good! It can help teach other kids and parents the wonders and joys of having a pet snake. The more your child can teach others about this child-friendly pet, the better. Plus, there is a lengthy list of snake options to choose from.

There are about 3,000 different snake species globally. Only 600 of the species are venomous. That means that several snake species would be safe to own and care for as a pet. These snakes come in all distinct shapes, patterns, and sizes. So, choose a snake you know isn’t too big or going to be too much to handle. Common pet snake species include garter snakes, kingsnakes, corn snakes, and brown snakes.

#3 Pet Snakes Are Allergy Friendly

Besides being child-friendly pets, snakes are also an excellent option for allergy sufferers. If your child or someone in your family has severe allergies, adding a reptile friend to your household is an excellent idea. Snakes won’t aggravate your allergies or cause allergy flare-ups like traditional cats, dogs, or pet hamsters. Plus, snakes are furless, so there’s no fur to clean up!

The list of allergy-friendly pets for your child to choose from is long, but a pet snake should be at the top of your list. Snakes are a brilliant way for your child to learn more about reptiles and interact with animals daily without worrying about allergies. A snake is a pet your family will love and enjoy having around.

Yellow Colubrid snake laying on a chair
Your child’s reptile friend is great for allergy sufferers. A pet snake won’t cause allergy flare-ups or issues.
Image by eternal-sunshine37 from Pixabay

#4 Pet Snakes Are Educational

When you add a reptile friend to your family, be prepared to continually be learning, watching, and educating themselves about the reptile. In preparing for your child’s pet snake, you’ll get to do plenty of research to learn about proper pet care for your new snake. More research will need to be done to figure out which species of snake makes the most sense for you and your child.

Once your new child-friendly pet has been welcomed into your home, there’s still plenty to learn. Your child will observe their reptile friend as they grow, eat, sleep, and explore their surroundings. Each daily interaction with your pet snake is an opportunity to learn and educate the entire family. Don’t forget you can share the snake education with your neighbors and friends too!

A pet snake is a marvelous idea for children who have always wanted a reptile friend or suffer from severe allergies. This child-friendly pet will be a unique and fun educational addition to your household.