Most cats aren’t excited about getting their hair cut. The claws will come out. From someone that’s been there, here are 4 tips to make cutting your cat’s hair a little easier.

4 Tips to Make Cutting Your Cat's Hair Easier
Cutting your cat’s hair is not a simple job. It requires attention and patience.
Photo by Thibaut Lemmens on Unsplash

Cat’s Hair is Not Easily Cut

Cutting your cat’s hair requires a lot of patience. It’s not a simple task for you or your cat, but it needs to be done. Without regular haircuts, your cat’s hair will begin to matte and pull at their skin. You don’t want your cat to go through that kind of discomfort.

Trust me, I know that cat haircuts aren’t as simple as they sound. There’s screaming and clawing on both sides. Drama and trauma. These 4 tips will help reduce the stress that comes with the bi-annual cat haircut.

4 Tips to Make Cutting Your Cat's Hair Easier
Every cat is different. These tips can help you develop a haircut routine that works for you.
Photo by Nick Demou from Pexels

1. Find the Best Cat Clippers

The quickest and easiest way to power through your cat’s haircut is by finding a pair of quality cat clippers. Cutting your cat’s hair needs to be done with professional tools. You can find quality cat clippers at your local pet store.

Look for a pair of clippers that have high reviews, with proven results. They vary in price and style. Try out a cordless pair, so you’re not stuck to an outlet for an hour. It’s not recommended to use human hair clippers on your cat. Find something meant to cut cat hair.

2. Distract Your Cat With Treats

Now that you’ve found your clippers, you’ve got to distract your cat. The best way to distract a cat is by getting out some of their favorite treats. Oh yes, I’m talking about hoards of cat treats. Keep your cat distracted as long as possible.

Give your cat a few treats and it won’t even notice you’re cutting away. You can also distract your cat with toys and loving petting. If your cat’s like mine, a tight hug that restrains them at the same time might be in order. Start with the treats though, it’s the easiest way.

3. Put Down a Sheet to Contain the Cat Hair

You don’t want your floor to be covered in clumps of cat hair. The little wisps will find their ways into the worst spots in your house, making vacuuming a hassle. Instead of dealing with all of that, just put down a sheet before you start. It makes life so much easier.

Once you’re done cutting your cat’s hair, just fold up the sheet and take it outside. You can dump it in your trashcan, or throw it in your compost pile. It’s an easy fix to an otherwise messy problem.

4. Break up the Haircut Into Short Sessions

Cats can get anxiety over the noise and close proximity of the haircut. Don’t push their patience. It’s better to break up your cat’s haircut into sessions. It gives them the proper time to calm down before they have to face the scissors again.

It’s also beneficial to you; giving you a chance to adjust your game plan before you go back in for another round. The sessions could be minutes apart, hours apart, or even days apart.

What do you think of these tips for cutting your cat’s hair? Let us know if you have any other advice in the comments section below!