Shopping for an allergy-friendly pet that doesn’t cause a flare-up is difficult for most allergy sufferers. Luckily, there is a wide variety of pet options you can choose from, some even furless pets, that won’t cause health issues. Choose from this list of 5 allergy-friendly pets.

5 Allergy-Friendly Pets for Those With Allergies
Consult this list of allergy friendly pets to avoid a flare up when shopping for a new pet.
Image by cenczi from Pixabay

Allergy-Friendly Pet #1 Sphynx Cat

5 Allergy-Friendly Pets for Those With Allergies
The Sphynx Cat is an allergy friendly pet, great for allergy sufferers.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The Sphynx cat is a great allergy-friendly pet for allergy sufferers who still want a pet cat. This hairless cat breed is very affectionate. Sphynx cats are relatively small at 15 inches long and only weigh in at 12 pounds.

This furless pet comes in a colorful range of coats and lives up to 15 years. Sphynx cats need to be bathed once a week to keep their skin healthy. This cat requires a diet that comprises wet food, dry pellet food, and fresh fish. This allergy-friendly pet is also kid-friendly and gets along well with other pets.

Allergy-Friendly Pet #2 Cockatiel

5 Allergy-Friendly Pets for Those With Allergies
This pint-sized furless pet will make a good allergy friendly pet for those who can’t have traditional pets.
Image by Anne Stauf from Pixabay

This small, colorful bird will make a brilliant addition to your home without causing allergy flare-ups. Cockatiels are talented singers and whistlers. This miniature bird can live for up to 20 years and only weigh 4 ounces.

Cockatiels enjoy spending time with their owners and like their cages messy. These gentle flyers need a diet with variety! Feed your pet Cockatiel a mix of seeds, pellets, fruit, and veggies once a day. These furless pets like to fly around your home for up to 1 hour each day.

Allergy-Friendly Pet #3 Hairless Guinea Pig

5 Allergy-Friendly Pets for Those With Allergies
The Hairless Guinea Pig is a wonderful option for those shopping for allergy friendly pets.
Photo by Jenny Henderson from Pexels

For allergy sufferers who still want a pet guinea pig, the Hairless Guinea Pig is a great option. This furless pet won’t cause allergy flare-ups and is easy to care for. Plus, they’re adorable!

The Hairless Guinea Pig requires a warm blanket to maintain its body heat, plenty of food, and a spacious cage to explore. One caveat about this allergy-friendly pet is that it may bite if frightened. However, Hairless Guinea Pigs are not aggressive and have a lifespan of 7 years.

Allergy-Friendly Pet #4 Potbellied Pig

5 Allergy-Friendly Pets for Those With Allergies
Get this allergy friendly pet if you have plenty of money and space for it to roam around.
Image by Michael Krämer from Pixabay

This untraditional furless pet may be just the right fit for allergy sufferers looking for a new pet. The potbellied pig only lives for 5 years on average and need plenty of space and food. While this animal definitely won’t cause an allergy flare-up, it will cost you a pretty penny upfront and in supplies.

Potbellied Pigs can cost upwards of $3,500 and require a decent amount of food. They also need to be socialized with other pigs to remain happy and healthy. This allergy-friendly pet is also illegal to keep as a pet in certain cities or counties. So, look into your area’s rules before you buy this furless pet.

Allergy-Friendly Pet #5 Poodle

5 Allergy-Friendly Pets for Those With Allergies
A poodle is superb allergy friendly pet for those who love dogs.
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

The Poodle is the perfect allergy-friendly pet option for allergy sufferers who are dying to have a pet dog. This dog breed is loving, energetic, and smart. The poodle comes in three distinct sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. Poodles can grow up to 15 inches tall and weigh up to 70 pounds.

While this isn’t a furless pet, the poodle’s fur coat is mostly allergen-free. Therefore, this allergy-friendly pet is good for those with milder allergies to animals. Poodles get along fabulously with small children and other pets.

This dog breed can live for up to 18 years and does not shed. Know that your pet poodle will need to groomed regularly to maintain a curly and healthy coat. Poodles need a lot of exercise and attention too.

Are you a pet lover with allergies? Consider adding one of these allergy-friendly pets to your family. These pet options are great for allergy sufferers looking to avoid flare-ups.