As a pet parent, you may be torn between whether it’s a good idea to co-sleep with your dog. Excellent news! There are several benefits to sharing a bed with your pup.

Golden retriever dog laying on a bed with pillows
There are many benefits to co-sleeping with your dog. If you’re a pet parent, give bed-sharing with your pup a try.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Co-sleeping with your dog can have some serious benefits for both you and your dog. If you’ve been thinking about bed-sharing with your pup, read on to find out about why this could be great for your relationship with your dog. Co-sleeping is a splendid way to make up for the time you lose with your dog while you’re at work.

#1 Benefit of Co-Sleeping With Your Dog: Safety

By choosing to share your bed with your dog, both of you will feel safer in the dark and sometimes spooky nighttime hours. Your dog will feel safe because he or she is close to you. Just your mere presence in the dead of night can help give your dog a sense of comfort and safety. With their pet parent by their side, nothing can disturb their peaceful sleep.

Likewise, you’ll feel much safer with your dog co-sleeping next to you. This is especially the case if you live alone, have odd sleep hours, or your spouse is away on business. Many pet parents report feeling safer during the night when they feel their dog breathing and laying next to them. Plus, if your home or apartment is broken into, your dog will be the first one to alert and protect you.

Corgi dog laying on a red pillow
Co-sleeping with your dog can make you feel safer as a pet parent if you’re home alone.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

#2 Benefit of Co-Sleeping With Your Dog: Bonding

Bonding with your dog is important at all stages of your relationship. However, this is especially crucial when you get a new dog, for younger dogs, and after a long day at work away from your precious pup. Use co-sleeping as an opportunity to build and strengthen your bond with your dog. These special moments will mean so much more to your dog than you realize.

For puppies, make sure your dogs are properly potty trained before you go about co-sleeping with them. If you’re sharing a bed with a new dog, give them time to adjust to you and their new surrounding before jumping to bed sharing. When introducing co-sleeping, you can start small with afternoon naps on the weekends to help get your dog comfortable sleeping in your bed with you.

#3 Benefit of Co-Sleeping With Your Dog: Better Sleep

Many pet parents report that they sleep better and more soundly with their dogs in bed with them. While we can’t ask dogs their thoughts on the issues, it’s safe to assume they sleep better and feel more comfortable being able to sleep right by their owner’s side. If wonderful quality sleep is important to you, which it should be, give co-sleeping with your dog a try.

Besides falling asleep faster, you may find that you stay asleep for longer or wake up less frequently in the middle of the night. Bed sharing with your dog is also a pleasant way to fall back asleep after a scary or emotional nightmare. You might even skip the nightmares altogether when you co-sleep with your dog.

Dog lying on a gray Sherpa blanket
Bed-sharing and co-sleeping with your dog can lead to a better, more restful sleep.
Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

#4 Benefit of Co-Sleeping With Your Dog: Less Stress

You may notice that you sleep better at night also because you’re less stressed. Sharing your bed with your dog can help you to de-stress and calm down for a peaceful evening. In fact, co-sleeping has been found to lower blood pressure and stress levels amongst some pet owners. So, if you’re overwhelmed or having issues sleeping, consider bed-sharing with your dog.

These extra hours of dog bonding may be just what your body and mind needs to reach a calm, restful state before bed. It’s also more than likely that your dog will be less stressed when they’re able to co-sleep with you versus sleeping on the floor, in a kennel, or on the couch by themselves.

#5 Benefit of Co-Sleeping With Your Dog: Warmth

Some pet owners find that sharing their bed with their dog helps to keep them warm during the night. This means that co-sleeping with your dog will come in handy during the winter months, cool fall evenings, and when you have your a/c cranked in the summer. Plus, your dog will also enjoy the extra body heat and warmth that they receive from co-sleeping with you.

Not only do dogs provide physical warmth, but they can also warm your heart. Waking up in the middle of the night to see your dog sleeping soundly next to you will definitely put a smile on your face and tug at your heartstrings. If you are someone that struggles to stay warm during the night, skip the blanket and opt to share your bed with your dog.

Co-sleeping with your dog is a superb way to get better sleep, feel safe at night, and spend some extra time bonding with your precious pup. Pet owners of all breeds and ages of dogs find that bed-sharing is the way to go.