Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube videos show the amazing world of pet ducks and their happy owners. But adding a new bird buddy to your family is a big deal. Here are 5 facts that you should know before you get your new pet duck.

5 facts that you should know before you get your new pet duck.
5 facts that you should know before you get your new pet duck.
Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka on Unsplash

Ducks are cute and friendly birds that make for great pets but only for the right people. Just like any other pet, potential owners need to know what they’re getting into. There are many pros and cons to the facts of owning a pet duck.

1. One Pet Duck Isn’t Enough

Adopting just 1 duck isn’t an option. Ducks and ducklings are social animals that, according to Peta, will get lonely and depressed if they live alone. 2 ducks might not be enough for a happy family either!

But pairing or grouping ducks isn’t easy. Finding out the sex of a duck is already tricky. So, a male-female pairing is easier said than done. Be ready for whatever you get when adopting pet ducks.

2. Pet Ducks Mean Lots of Quacking

Ducks quack a lot. You’ve likely noticed this when interacting with wild ducks. They love expressing themselves vocally. In a smaller environment like a yard or home, even 1 duck can cause a ton of noise pollution.

Again, ducks won’t be happy alone, so now imagine what 2 or more may sound like. You might think you’d be fine with a talkative duck, but think about your neighbors.

3. Housing Your Pet Duck

Pet ducks should be housed safely, away from predators and bad weather. But don’t keep them indoors. The fact is, ducks should be outside but protected.

Your ducks will also need fresh bedding or hay for cleanliness and comfort, according to Pet Assure. As long as they can come and go as they please to enjoy the outdoors, your ducks will be happy.

4. Water, Water, Water

Drinking water should always be available for your pet ducks. They use about 1 liter per duck per day. Keep it near their food. This also helps with their eating habits since they do not have teeth. For more information on duck feed and diets, click here!

Ducks also love to swim. Fill a children’s’ pool with clean water for your ducks to enjoy a pleasant swim! You’ll get some enjoyment out of this as well. Get as creative as you’d like because this is “fun time” for your pet ducks.

5. Health Care for Your Pet Ducks

Ducks have lifespans of around 10 years, so caring for them is a very serious commitment. Though freshwater and healthy food will keep your ducks in great shape, there are some care facts to consider.

Even if you’re taking care of your ducks perfectly, schedule checkups with your vet every 6 months. According to RSPCA, these birds need to be de-wormed with a poultry wormer. A good diet and exercise will prevent worms, but this checkup schedule is recommended.

5 facts that you should know before you get your new pet duck.
5 facts that you should know before you get your new pet duck.
Photo by Danika Perkinson on Unsplash

Think about the above 5 facts of owning a pet duck before you make this big decision. Do your own research because there are many more facts to consider, too. Figure out if being a duck owner is all it’s quacked up to be!