Don’t worry, working full time and adding a dog to your family is more than possible with a few helpful tips. Doggy daycare doesn’t have to be a must.

Dog waiting for owner to return home from working full time.
Dog waiting for you to return home.
Photo credit: MaxPixel

You just fell in love with an adorable rescue dog and now the workweek is ready to begin. Don’t worry, your new best friend can align with your full-time work schedule. Here are just a few tips to help to get acclimated.

Which Dog Breed You Select Matters

Dogs come in a wide range of breeds. Each breed has a unique set of character traits. A study by Barnard reports that breed characteristics are noticeable from as early as the first two months of life as a puppy, and that breed differences have shown differences in behavior.

Dog breeders and shelter staff can provide guidance on which dog breeds may be a suitable fit for your home. If you prefer researching at home, there are hundreds of books covering the characteristics of distinct dog breeds.

Dog Walkers are Readily Available

When you plan on spending a long day away from home and you believe a dog walker is needed to break up the day, there are plenty available! Apps like Wag offer a low commitment option with screened dog walkers.

Your neighborhood may have more local options, like a community billboard with local dog walkers listed.

Keep a Set Routine

Maintaining a regular schedule will help your dog know when to expect walks, meals, and your company. This routine will also help with training your dog.

Crates can be Great Options

Letting your dog stay in their crate while you are away at work is a wonderful way to let your dog know that they have a space of their own. Crates can have food and water bowls and even can add a camera to see your dog while away from home.

Dog Toys Help Pass the Time While You are Away Full-Time

Dog toys are possibly the most fun purchases you will buy for your dog, and they will provide days of entertainment. Bones and chew toys will offer more durability and provide a variety of wellness benefits for your dog.

Always remember to have fun and learn along the way. Your dog will tell you in their own way when they need attention, food, or other basic needs.