We are all going through a pretty crazy time — including our pups! Our dogs have more time with their humans but not enough time for naps. Here are a few extra tips to care for your pup right now!

Tip To Care For Your Pup During Quarantine
These 5 Tips Will Help You Care For Your Pup During Quarantine
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Whether we are working from home or the front lines, it is an adjustment for everyone. This is especially true for our pup! All dogs have their own personalities. Mine is incredibly sweet but also super sassy. As we continue to care for ourselves and our pup, we need to ask ourselves: are we giving our pup the care it needs?

Follow these tips to give your pup the care they need.

Tip 1: Give Your Pup Enrichment

Tip 1: Care For Your Pup By Giving Them Enrichment!
Tip 1: Care For Your Pup By Giving Them Enrichment!
Photo by Yuliya kota from Pexels

According to Cummings Veterinary Medical Center, dogs that are not getting enough enrichment can become anxious, aggressive, and even show “attention-seeking” behaviors. Before all this craziness started, I never really thought about how little my dog actually experienced outside.

The poor little guy spent hours home alone and would only be taken out if either myself or my husband took him out. After realizing this, I decided it was important to let him be more adventurous.

One way we have cared for our pup is by letting him choose which direction we go! Since letting him decide, he shows more energy and is bounding down the sidewalk.

Tip 2: Leave Your Pup Alone

Tip 2: Care For Your Pup By Leaving Them Alone
Tip 2: Care For Your Pup By Leaving Them Alone
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This is honestly sure difficult for me, but I understand it is necessary for the future. I struggled with separation anxiety because I put this off for too long. Honestly, not sure if it’s better for you or your pup. Either way, sometimes it is best to leave them home alone.

If you’re one who works a ton of hours and your dog is home alone for quite some time, then you should definitely be leaving your pup alone. This tip will make the transition back to work much easier! Though my pup is sassy, he does get super clingy to both myself and my husband.

This tip helps us make sure he is getting the care he needs by leaving him home alone a few hours each week. He’s too nosey for his own good and sometimes he is actually able to get a nap in!

Tip 3: Keep You and Your Pup on a Schedule

Tip 3: Care For Your Pup By Staying On Schedule
Tip 3: Care For Your Pup By Staying On Schedule
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Our dog makes this pretty easy on us. He is a furry little creature of habit and gets up the same time every day. This keeps life a little more normal for all of us. This will also help with the transition of going back to work easier on you and your pup.

Now, if you are someone who has to get up at 5 am every day and no longer needs to *raises hand* then, of course, try to sleep longer! That being said, make sure to take your dog out around the same time every day so they do not get used to a different time.

That may cause accidents in the future and no one wants to come home after work to a bunch of accidents everywhere. No one. 

Tip 4: Pay Attention to Your Pup

Tip 4: Care For Your Pup By Stepping Away From Work
Tip 4: Care For Your Pup By Stepping Away From Work
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Luckily for me, my dog is completely obsessed with my husband. Not actually luckily for me, but I’m attempting to not be bitter about it. While my husband continues to work from home every day, I am available to play with my pup; but it’s not me he wants!

My husband makes sure to pause work for a couple of minutes just to pay attention to our dog. Our tip is to take your pup on a short walk or throw their ball just to give them the care they need. 

Tip 5: Make Time to Play with Your Pup

Tip 5: Care For Your Pup By Making Time To Play!
Tip 5: Care For Your Pup By Making Time To Play!
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

It is exhausting just being at home. Adding work on top of that seems to make the evenings more difficult to be there for my pup. That being said, our pups are with us all day and often do not get the attention they need.

Set aside time to play with your puppy after work. Take them outside, go for walks, take them for a drive, throw their ball, play with a toy. Whatever your dog most enjoys doing, make time for that.

Try to make it the same time every day. We try to play with Chase at the same time he usually gets the zoomies. Plus, this makes bedtime even easier!

Pups can’t exactly understand what’s happening right now. Even though many are LOVING this extra time with their humans, they still need some normalcy in their days – just as we do! By giving our pup the care he needs, we are also caring for ourselves. The extra playtime, walks, and car rides with our pup are exactly what we need to escape from reality.

Do you have a tip on how to care for pups during this extra time home?