Who says you have to have human children to be considered a father? Here are five unique Father’s Day gifts for the “Father of Lizards” in your life.

Father's Day
Give you “Father of Lizards” a special gift this Father’s Day.
Photo of Kallen by Caitlyn Carpenter.

My daughter found a man who loves lizards as much as she does. Going to a lizard show with them is fun. I have to talk both of them out of leaving with every adorable lizard they find. It doesn’t matter if the lizard is a bearded dragon, a gecko, a chameleon, or whatever other types of lizard you can find there. They want them all.

This year for Father’s Day, my daughter is looking for the perfect lizard themed gift for her “Father of Lizards.” Here are a five we thought were pretty cool and good for your “Father of Lizards.”

“You Raise Dogs? Well That’s Cute. I Raise Tiny Dinosaurs” T-shirt

Lizard dad shirt
This shirt is perfect for the “Father of Lizards” in your household.
From amazon.com

This t-shirt was the winner hands down for a fun Father’s Day gift and if you have a father that raises bearded dragons, this is the perfect shirt for them. While these lizards aren’t exactly tiny dinosaurs, bearded dragons do share a common ancestor with their larger lizard cousins. Bearded dragons might be a bit spiky compared to other lizards, but they are very lovable. This is a great Father’s Day gift for the “Father of Lizards” in your life.

Bearded Dragon Face Mask

Face mask with lizards on it
This face mask will help your “Father of Lizards” stay safe and show off his love for reptilians!
From Clara Hollins on Redbubble

Your “Father of Lizards” can show his love for his bearded dragon with this awesome face mask. there are other lizard face masks available on the site in case they raise…well…different types of lizards! Perfect for social distancing. It will definitely have people stop and start a conversation. Anyone who owns a lizard always loves to talk about their reptilian kids.

Lizard Charm Necklace

Metal lizard keychain and jewelry
You can also add wings for the wonderful lizards that are no longer with you.
From IvyByDesign on Etsy

Etsy is awesome if you’re looking for a unique gift that can be personalized. They have geckos, iguanas, chameleons, and bearded dragons like the one shown here. The personalization is a sweet touch if you want to give a gift for remembering a beloved dragon that is no longer with you. Perfect if your “Father of Lizards” likes jewelry. They come in key chains as well.

For Father’s Day, my daughter bought this one for her “Father of Lizards” to commemorate Kallen, in the picture above, who they recently lost. He was a German Giant bearded dragon. We’re sure he is happily catching crickets in lizard heaven.

Beaded Large Iguana Lizard Decoration

Beaded lizard gift
This gift is sure to please any “Father of lizards” in your life!
From Global Gifts

If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift that is a little different, try this beaded iguana on for size. It’s a great conversation piece for your father’s desk or dresser and it comes in a variety of colors. Plus, it’s handmade, so if your father likes that kind of thing, this is an outstanding option.

Everything Lizards!

Finally, hit up Zazzle.com for lizard related gifts and options. From water bottles to koozies to postcards, you can either find it here or have it made. The great thing about Zazzle is that you can personalize all the lizard things. You can have a coffee mug made with a picture of your father’s favorite lizard on it. It’s a splendid way to remember lizards he’s lost or to help him show off the lizards that perch on his shoulder around the house.

To all the “Father of Lizards” out there, Happy Father’s Day!