Yes, you can litter train your pet rabbit, and it’s simpler than you’d think! Here are 7 tips and tricks to keep your bunny’s poop and pee in an easy-to-handle litter box.

How long will it take to litter train your pet bunny rabbit?
How long will it take to litter train your pet bunny rabbit?
Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash

Rabbit owners might feel overwhelmed with the amount of pee and poop pellets their bunny produces. Luckily, cats aren’t the only pet that can be taught to use a litter box. Just remember the information below when you’re ready to train your long-eared pet.

The Right Litter Box

Rabbits are picky eaters, so it’s no surprise that they’d be picky with their bathroom. Consider the size and shape of the litter box.

All rabbits need to be able to hop into the litter box. Larger rabbits need more space.

If you have a bonded pair, can they both fit in the box?

Check out Bunny Approved’s list of rabbit litter boxes.

Litter Box Options

Once you discover the right litter box for your bunny, get more! Wherever your bunny likes to spend time, there should be a litter box. Otherwise, they’ll feel free to poop or pee anywhere.

It’s their home too! You wouldn’t want your bathroom to be out of reach, right?

The Right Type of Litter

You’ve likely noticed how picky your rabbit is about, well, most things. Just like the litter box options above, your bunny has options for litter brands. Cat litter is the easiest to find, but some types could be dangerous.

According to the Animal Humane Society, clay-based or clumping cat litter is dangerous to rabbits. It could even cause health problems. Find a list of safe materials via the San Diego House Rabbit Society here.

Along with the litter, the box should also include your rabbit’s favorite type of hay. Check out some of the best hay for rabbits here.

Location, Location, Location

Rabbits likely have a potty spot in your home. That’s the location of your litter box. They’re already used to the area and will adjust to litter training easier.

If your bunny pees, clean it up quickly. Place their poop pellets into the litter box. Your rabbit will recognize its scent this way and start using the litter box.

Litter Box in a Cage/Habitat

Are you experiencing issues getting your rabbit to use the litter box? There’s another strategy to try. Set up a cage for your rabbit and its litter box.

According to certified trainer Irith Bloom, place the rabbit’s food and water into the habitat. Then, introduce the litter box. This smaller space will help your rabbit’s progress.

Positive Reinforcement 

Does your bunny have a favorite treat or toy? Use positive reinforcement to praise your rabbit’s litter box use!

Extra pets and ear rubs awarded for healthy bathroom habits will encourage your bunny to keep using its litter box.

Litter Box Maintenance

Keep the litter box clean and your rabbit will enjoy using it. The more often you clean, the happier and healthier your bunny will be. A dirty, soiled litter box could also lead to infection or worse.

Clean it by removing soiled litter and poop pellets. For a deeper clean, white vinegar is a great, safe option.

How long will it take to litter train your pet bunny rabbit?
How long will it take to litter train your pet bunny rabbit?
Photo by Jennifer Chen on Unsplash

For more details on litter training your bunny, head over to the Rabbit Society.