If you find that your dog is digging holes constantly, you need a solution fast. Your dog doesn’t know that digging is bad. If you’re a dog owner, use these dog discipline tips to stop digging in its tracks.

7 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Stop Digging Holes
Use these dog care and dog discipline tips to stop hole digging.
Image by freestocks-photos from Pixabay

Typically, dogs dig because they need more exercise or attention. In addition, your dog may dig holes because it’s what they bred to do. This is the case for dachshunds and terriers. Let’s see what can deter dogs from digging!

#1 Buy Some Toys

If your dog is bored or needs entertainment, dog toys are a marvelous place to start. As a dog owner, you need to make sure your dog is getting enough attention. They even need attention when you’re not around.

Buy a variety of different dog toys to help distract your dog. Hopefully, being preoccupied with a host of new dog toys will keep your pup from digging holes. At the very least, your dog will enjoy their new toys!

#2 More Walks and Exercise

7 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Stop Digging Holes
Dog owners should take dogs for regular walks to prevent them from digging holes.
Image by Audrius Vizbaras from Pixabay

Some dogs dig holes because they have too much pent up energy. If that’s the case with your dog, take them for regular walks or runs. The more time dog owners spend engaged in an activity with their dogs, the better.

Exercising with your dog can also help if they have separation anxiety issues while you’re away at work during the day. The more time spent bonding with your dog, the better in the long run. Keeping your dog from digging holes is tough, but bonding is enjoyable for all!

#3 Scent Deterrents

Dogs dig in specific spots rather than just at random. Though, it might seem random to people. Placing scent deterrents around where your dog likes to dig may be helpful.

Scents that dogs are usually averse to include dog poop, coffee grounds, and oranges or other citrus fruits. What does your dog’s nose hate? Place these items near and around where your dog is prone to digging.

#4 Block Digging Access

For dog owners whose furry friend always digs in one particular place, blocking access may be the solution. If you fence off a portion of your dog’s favorite digging spot, they may lose interest in digging holes. It seems cruel, but they’ll get over it.

Keep in mind that your dog may just start digging elsewhere if they are dedicated to filling your yard with holes. You can repeat this step if you think it’ll work again. Otherwise, keep reading for more advice!

#5 Try a Sandbox

7 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Stop Digging Holes
Providing your dog with a sandbox will stop them from digging holes in your yard.
Image by rein schoondorp from Pixabay

Certain dog breeds have trouble being broken from their digging habit. It’s natural. If that’s the case with your pet dog, a sandbox may be the right fix.

Giving your dog a large, deep sandbox to dig in will give them an outlet that doesn’t destroy your yard. Plus, they’ll be far too tired from playing in the sandbox to continue digging holes elsewhere. This is a great solution for those wanting to treat their dogs to a fun activity.

#6 Provide Dogs With Shade

Some dogs only dig holes during the summer months to find an escape from the summer heat. Dog owners can fix this problem by providing shaded areas outside. Dogs want to cool off when feeling overheated.

Dogs cannot sweat to cool off like people. They pant. So, make sure your dog has plenty of water, too.

#7 Pests and Rodents May Aid in Digging Holes

7 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Stop Digging Holes
Ground squirrels or other rodents might be the ones responsible for digging holes.
Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

Your dog might not even be the main or actual culprit behind the hole that is being dug in your yard. Pest or other rodents dig tunnels throughout yards. Don’t get mad at your pup!

Look for evidence of pests or rodents. Contact a pest control company if you find signs that your dog isn’t the one digging holes.

Being a dog owner can be stressful, especially with dogs digging holes. Use these 7 tips to prevent and stop hole digging. Dog discipline is also key in keeping your yard hole free.