Diabetes is usually not a concern for most pet owners, but it’s important to know the symptoms in case your pet starts to exhibit them. Here are 7 signs that your dog may be suffering from diabetes.

7 Warning Signs Your Dog May Have Diabetes
Does your dog have diabetes? Keep reading to find out!
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

When my family’s chihuahua started to behave differently, we weren’t sure what to do. All his life, he was well behaved and toilet trained. But at ten years old, he started to change.

At first, we thought it was age. But when we brought him to the vet, we learned it was diabetes! Here are 7 of the symptoms we missed.

#1 Your Dog is No Longer Toilet Trained

Our dog was toilet trained for years when he suddenly started having accidents everywhere. We thought it was out of spite, but it turns out that our chihuahua was just sick!

Diabetes causes dogs to drink more water, and in turn, use the bathroom more. Sometimes, they just can’t hold it until they get to the bathroom!

#2 Increase in Thirst

If your dog is lapping up multiple bowls of water a day when they previously weren’t, this may be a sign.

Our chihuahua started throwing his bowl around the kitchen when he ran out of water (and we couldn’t keep it filled up fast enough!).

#3 Appetite Changes

Depending on the dog, they may start eating a lot more or a lot less. Watch out if your dog suddenly stops eating or starts requesting a lot more food than normal.

Appetite changes can happen as your dog gets older, but extreme ones can be something to look out for.

#4 Weight Loss

If your dog suddenly drops 10 pounds without any effort of your part, this is a good sign that something is wrong. Diabetes leaves dogs unable to use the glucose in their bodies for energy. Instead, the body breaks down fat for energy.

If this goes on for too long, your dog can become fatally ill, so it’s best to take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

7 Warning Signs Your Dog May Have Diabetes
Diabetes is not a death sentence for your dog!
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

#5 Lack of Energy

Was your dog once a boundless bundle of energy, but now they prefer to sleep all day? While this can be common for dogs as they get older, your dog should still be somewhat playful. If your dog is usually pretty mellow, don’t worry about this sign as much.

But if you’re noticing a huge decrease in the activity level of your dog, you may want to take them to the vet!

#6 Sweet-Smelling breath

This symptom is probably the weirdest of them all, but I can attest as a diabetic that has a diabetic dog, it’s true.

If you’re playing with your dog and their breath smells unusually sweet, this may be a sign that your dog has diabetes.

#7 Sudden Blindness or Loss of Eyesight

This symptom usually only occurs when diabetes has been left untreated for a while. If you catch diabetes in time, your dog shouldn’t suffer from this!

However, if your dog is starting to have trouble maneuvering the house, seeing food, or if you notice a cloudiness in their eyes, you need to take your dog to the vet immediately.

Hopefully, you never notice these signs in your dog! If you do, make sure to your dog to the vet. Although there is no cure, diabetes in dogs can be managed relatively easily and they can expect to live a long and happy life. Just take it from our lively 13-year-old chihuahua!

7 Warning Signs Your Dog May Have Diabetes
This dog is still loving life!