Binging your favorite streaming services isn’t just for humans. Cats need entertainment during quarantine, too. Here are the best streaming services and other options for your kitty to binge during COVID-19 and beyond!

Best Streaming Services for Cats' Quarantine Binging
Best Streaming Services for Cats’ Quarantine Binging.
Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

Quarantine or not, your pets are watching and binging your favorite shows with you. Streaming a show, movie, or the like via a streaming service is likely a go-to move during the quarantine. So, why not allow your cat to escape their world a bit and become couch potatoes with you!

Don’t be selfish. Your cat likely has their own favorite type of show or movie. Luckily, there are streaming services available for cats and other pets. Let’s look at some of these options.

Cats’ Own Streaming Service: Cat TV

In the same place where you order your cat litter, cat toys, and other pet supplies, your kitty can enjoy Cat TV. This specialized channel on Amazon Prime Video features some of your cat’s favorite visual stimulants: birds, squirrels, insects, and more!

Basically, if it catches your cat’s eyes, Cat TV has a streaming video of it. And we all know that watching cats staring at and chasing what they see on screens or in real life is entertainment for humans. Check out some personal stories of Cat TV’s effect on a family of humans and cats here!

More Stream Options and Alternatives

Do you already use your own streaming services for your cat? If you’re not trying to sign up for yet another streaming service, there are other options. There’s always something out there for pets.

You can explore the content on Netflix, YouTube, and many more streaming services for the best cat content for your kitty. These services are easy to search and find fun videos, shows, and more for your cat. What have you found on these streaming services for your cat?

Best Streaming Services for Cats' Quarantine Binging
Best Streaming Services for Cats’ Quarantine Binging
Photo by Sereja Ris on Unsplash

While you’re binging your favorite videos during quarantine, your cat can, too. Do you use a streaming service or other form of entertainment for your cat? Lets us know in the comments section below!