I’ve noticed over the years that dog lovers can be aggressive about their dislike for cats, but the rivalry between cat lovers and dog lovers has gone on far too long. If you are pro-dog and anti-cat, then this one’s for you.

dog lovers can love cats too!
This cat and dog are two peas in a pod!
Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

Let’s not pretend that I wasn’t one of those people who didn’t “get” cats, because I was. After growing up around dogs, I decided it was my fate to be a dog lover and only a dog lover.

But then I did something crazy. I matured. I spent time with cats. I put aside my judgments and let the cats meow for themselves.

“But Cats do Nothing; Dogs Have Many Skills”

A common complaint I hear from dog lovers is how cats don’t do “anything.” Apparently, if a sentient being can’t go on walks or play catch, then they are useless.

I don’t spend a ton of time going on walks and playing catch. I guess I do nothing too by that logic!

Cats definitely do things. I’ve witnessed it myself. They play with string and climb their towers. They curl up next to you, their gentle breathing calming you so well that you’re suddenly both taking a nap. That’s something.

Cats love humans just like dogs love humans.
Cats love humans! I mean, look at this sweet high-five.
Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash.

“Cats Aren’t Affectionate Like Dogs”

I’m not trying to put my dog on blast, but he isn’t a big cuddler. Almost every time someone sits down to pet him, he gets up and moves. Although it’s hard not to take it personally, pets aren’t always affectionate in the way we want them to be.

Now every animal is unique, but I’ve noticed that cats enjoy personal space. Dogs are much more likely to get in your face.

Neither is better than the other, different strokes for different folks. But dog lovers can’t pretend that cats are cold-hearted creatures when they’re not.

What kind of monster would say no to this cat's face?
What kind of monster would say no to this cat’s face?
Photo by Jae Park on Unsplash.

“Cats are Unhygienic with Their Litter Boxes and Countertop Climbing”

I’ve been in many cat-loving homes, and let me tell you; they don’t stink. You can mask the smell or contain it.

Also, yes, cats can climb on your countertops, unlike dogs. But we’re all learning to sanitize everything nowadays, anyway.

Animal pee and poop, I know it’s hard to hear.

Does anyone enjoy picking up dog poop? No. The feeling of it in your hand, with only a bag separating you, isn’t fun. But I don’t blame the poor dog for it.

Try not to shame cats for their litter box business.

There you have it. Now, are you rethinking your anti-cat stance, or are you staying only on the slobbery dog-loving side?

Let me know below.